London vs New York (18 Proven Tips)

NY is one of the most populated cities in the world

Recently is quite topical the following question: What is the new world capital?

Candidates for the title of course can only be London and New York.

Until now Big Apple was undisputed leader, but London is the new contender.

We have proposed a point of view, comparing some of their strengths and weaknesses.

Judge for yourself what do you think is the city of the future and which of them has a greater potential.

1. Climate

Manhattan evening new york
London and New York fall into the temperate latitudes, but the conditions in both cities vary widely.

The climate of London is oceanic and is strongly influenced by the warm Gulf Stream.

To London are distinctive cool summers, mild and dark winters and heavy rainfalls.

Snowfall is something unusual for the British capital.

In New York, the climate is continental. Summers are long and hot, and weather is much sunnier than London.

Winters are very cold and snowy.

In most of the year the climate of New York is better in comparison with the climate of London and this is undeniable fact.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

2. Architecture

British Manhattan
It is difficult, even impossible to determine which of these two cities is superior to the other in terms of its architecture.

On the one hand London is with certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here you will see architectural masterpieces such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey.

In the center of London stands a modern financial center of skyscrapers, which is the financial heart of the city.

London surpasses New York in beauty and refinement, but on the other hand New York is truly enormous canyon of skyscrapers.

Surely the architecture of the Big Apple is more imposing and impressive.

In this category, no winner.

Points: London – 1 / New York – 1.

3. Parks

In New York is one of the most famous and beautiful city parks in the world – Central Park.

It is an oasis of fresh greenery in this huge throbbing metropolis.

And if any city in the world can compete with New York in this respect, it is undoubtedly the British capital.

It’s hard to imagine a greener city than London.

There are numerous large parks, and some of them as Bushy Park and Richmond Park, for example, are larger than Central Park itself!

London looks like the parks are not part of the city, but the city is part of the parks.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

4. Transport

Brooklyn Bridge New York
In transport, these two cities are very different.

For example, the famous yellow taxis in New York are much cheaper.

For New Yorkers riding a taxi is an affordable daily service.

Moreover, in New York, not everybody own a car.

Unlike the Big Apple, London taxis are quite expensive and not everyone can afford to use their services.

They call them “Black Cabs” and service is at really quite high level compared to New York.

Ultimately, the price is crucial.

With regard to the subway also has something to say.

London Underground like taxis clearly superior to that in New York.

It is quite clean and neat.

Furthermore, it is considered to be safer.

For buses, applies the same. London is better.

Who has not heard about the famous double-decker buses?

Moreover, London buses are quite regular and clean.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

5. Safety

In recent years London has actually become the new New York.

During the 90es the Big Apple was much more dangerous city than London, but London today ahead of it considerably.

In the 90-es New York went through a great metamorphosis in terms of crime and now it is much more secure and safe.

Unlike New York, London has become a very dangerous city.

Of course in both cities there are places you may want to avoid, however, it turns out, in London there are more.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

6. Economy

London economic center
In 20th century New York was much stronger than London.

At the beginning of the new millennium, everything began to change with dizzying speed.

London increasingly began to reach New York, and today many of the indicators of the British capital already surpass those of New York.

London enjoys a greater interest by young immigrants, because the European Union creates favourable conditions for this.

Unlike London, New York has tightened immigration policy due to security measures.

London gradually began to catch up the Big Apple and now London is the largest financial, center in the world.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

7. Fashion and shopping

New York is the world’s fashion capital and undisputed favourite when it comes to fashion.

Even cities like Paris and Milan is difficult (even impossible) to be compared with the Big Apple.

Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is considered to be the best shopping place in the world.

Fashion Week in New York is considered to be the most important fashion event of the year.

We should not underestimate and London, which is one of the world leaders, but the British capital definitely inferior to New York in this respect.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

8. Show business

New York is the city, in which was made most movies.

In this respect it was the undisputed leader in the 20th century.

Now, at the beginning of the third millennium the world is changing very rapidly.

Today London is more interesting and attractive and more films are shot in the British capital.

New York is already too well known, unlike London.

As for the music industry there is not dispute – London is the music capital of the world.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

9. Celebrities

Manhattan NY USA
New York is still superior London as regards to the numbers of celebrities.

In fact, at some moments of their lives almost all celebrities have lived in the Big Apple.

This city attracts even those actors whose work is not related with the city.

In the circles of actors and musicians mass exists the opinion that New York City is a real inspiration.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

10. Culture

For someone people might be a surprise, but the city that excels in terms of its culture is definitely New York.

Many people would ask why and the answer is very simple – because New York is the place where occurred modern western culture and lifestyle which we know today.

This city is a symbol of modernity and globalization.

New York is an example for all other world cities, including London.

Here you can see cosmopolitanism and coexistence of people of all races, nationalities and religions of the world.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

11. Prices

Refinet British capital
Prices in the British capital significantly exceed those in New York.

London often leads into the list of the most expensive cities in the world.

Even the most expensive places such as Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue in New York yield to London in terms of prices.

In London, almost everything is more expensive – starting with housing and office space and getting to the shops and boutiques in these two cities.

It turns out that in New York with less money one can ensure a better quality of life.

This makes London a more prestigious among wealthy businessmen and celebrities.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

12. Cosmopolitanism

These are perhaps the two most cosmopolitan and multinational cities in the world.

In recent years, the difference between them in terms of ethnic diversity very quickly melts away, but yet New York is a leader in this category.

London is not much different, but still slightly inferior and this is normal, because New York is a new and young city that is entirely populated by immigrants from around the world.

Indeed, London is now turning into what New York already is.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

13. Higher education

London is the world capital of higher education.

Here you will find some of the best universities in the world.

The local atmosphere seems quite cultural, so that predispose students to immerse themselves more easily and naturally in student life.

English education has always been synonymous with quality so that graduates in London will have no problem to realize both the UK and any other place in the world.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

14. Properties

Properties in London are more demanded and prices are higher.

The reason for this can be found in much increased emigration to the British capital.

It is believed that London can not satisfy the market of luxury homes.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

15. Entertainment

NY is one of the most populated cities in the world
It is generally assumed that the British capital London is superior to the Big Apple in terms of opportunities for fun.

London is a more popular tourist destination and has to occur opportunities for fun to its guests.

It is also home for millions of people.

On the other hand New York is a working city.

There, people have less free time and therefore fewer opportunities for social contact.

It turns out that in London is much easier to find a suitable place according to the taste of different people.

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

16. Atmosphere

In this respect  nobody can be compared to New York.

Everything seems much more interesting, more dynamic and more attractive than London or elsewhere in the world.

Maybe this is what attracts people here.

New York is an exciting and dynamic city 24 hours a day.

It seems much livelier than London and places like Times Square make it look like the center of the world.

Everybody  who has ever seen the Big Apple can confirm this is the center of the world.

In New York there is something megalomaniac that makes it always impressive and in whatever light you see it.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

17. Population

the atmosphere of London
New York surpasses London as regards to the number of its population, but here we must note that London is growing much faster than the Big Apple and will soon catch up with him.

Indeed, even London is facing a problem, since it meets difficulties to accommodate unstoppable flow of immigrants.

However, it still gives way to New York.

Points: London – 0. / New York – 1.

18. Perspective

Which of the two cities will be world leader in the future – this is a question that is difficult to answer.

Mass opinion is that London will take over the league, and New York, albeit with reluctance, will have to cede its leadership.

Today it is felt that London began slightly to passes New York, but differences are still negligible.

Big Apple and London are still too close as strength and power.

For many people around the world London is a leader and statistics confirm this fact.

But the biggest mistake that London can admit today is to counts on its leadership, because when your competitor is a giant such as New York then you can’t afford to do mistakes!

Points: London – 1. / New York – 0.

Results: London – 10 points / New York – 9 points.