12 Best Beaches in Malta

mellieha bay malta

Although most of the coastline of Malta is rocky, the island has some really beautiful beaches.

Most of them are located in small and sheltered coves on the big island.

Most of the beaches in Malta are sandy and their colors vary from light golden to saturated orange nuances.

Now let’s take a little tour around the islands and see what are the hottest spots along the beautiful Maltese coast.

1. Mellieha Bay

mellieha bay malta
Mellieha Bay is a large and charming beach, located on the northern tip of Malta.

The beach is one of the most beautiful on the island.

Deeply cut into the land, it offers fine beige sand and calm, transparent water.

It is a great spot for sunbathing and swimming.

2. St. George’s Bay, St.Julian’s

St. George’s Bay, St.Julian’s is a small beach, which is also located at the bottom of a deep bay.

Its beige sand is darker in comparison with Mellieha Bay.

The place is, however, really magnetic!

Since this is one of the most densely populated areas of the Maltese Islands, it would be quite surprising if you find the beach empty (except for the winter season, of course).

This is usually a place to attracts crowds of local visitors and tourists.

Its biggest advantage is the proximity to numerous shops, restaurants and city attractions of Malta.

3. Pretty Bay

Pretty Bay justifies its name.

It is the most beautiful golden sandy stripe in the south of Malta.

Lying and relaxing on the beach, you will enjoy not only the calm and transparent waters of the St. George Bay, but also the surrounding traditional architecture of Birzebbuga.

4. Gnejna Bay

Gnejna Bay is one of the less popular beaches, which often remain empty even during the summer season.

It is quite distanced, located in the wild and isolated northwestern part of the island.

The sand that covers the beach is yellow-beige.

This is a great place to find peace, quiet and solitude during the busiest summer days when all the other beaches are crowded.

5. Tuffieha Bay

Tuffieha Bay is located north of Gnejna Bay, on the west coast of Malta.

In spring and autumn the beach is relatively quiet, without many visitors.

In summer, however, this place attracts crowds of tourists.

Solitude is more likely to be found here in comparison with the east coast.

The sand is yellowish-brown, with orange hues.

The beach is a great place to watch the fiery red sunset.

6. Golden Bay

Located a few hundred meters north of Tuffieha Bay, Golden Bay is nestled just south of Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park.

This is probably the most beautiful beach along the west coast of Malta.

As the name suggests, the visitors that come here enjoy fine and gentle golden sand.

7. Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is a charming place with a small but beautiful beach in the far north of the island.

It offers its visitors golden sand and azure mirror-like waters.

This is a wonderful place to visit with a yacht or a boat because of its proximity to the Blue Lagoon, located only about 4 km from here.

Although the beach is never empty, this is one of the most sparsely populated parts of Malta.

8. Armier Lido Beach

Located on the northern coast of Malta, Armier Lido Beach is a real coastal treasure.

The beach is very clean and tidy, and it offers fabulous golden sand and colorful umbrellas.

A few palm trees cast a shadow over the sand, making the beach even more attractive.

9. Little Armier

Little Armier is located a few hundred meters east of Armier Lido Beach. This is a smaller beach, less crowded and as a result more relaxed.

While enjoying the bright golden sand, you can see the neighbouring Comino Island, located a little more than two kilometers off the coast.

10. Ir-Ramla (Gozo)

Ir-Ramla is one of the most famous beaches in Malta.

It is located in the north of Gozo, about a kilometer from the cities Ix-Xagħra and Nadur.

The largest beach in Gozo has a typical orange color, most saturated after rain.

11. San Blas (Gozo)

San Blas is a beautiful orange sand beach with light rust-colored nuances, located near Ir-Ramla Bay.

It is relatively wild and usually offers the opportunity to find solitude without having travel out of season.

It is also considered an attractive place to pitch a tent.

12. St. Mary’s Bay (Comino)

Besides the amazing Blue Lagoon, Comino has only two or three small beaches.

All of them are nestled in small and narrow bays.

One of them, located in St. Mary’s Bay, is covered not with sand but with small pebbles.

The bays of Comino usually offer very calm, clear and balmy water, so they are an attractive place for swimming and snorkeling.