Best Winter Beach Destination in Europe

Beach in January and February on Canary Islands

In the dark and cold winter days when the sky is a leaden and often it rains, many Europeans ask whether there is a place on the continent where they can go to the beach in winter, in particular – in January and February, when this season is in its height.

This is the best time to escape from the grayness of European winter.

You can spend more time outdoor, to exercise and have fun, all without having to worry about weather.

Just forget about the Mediterranean!

In January and February in many places it is even possible to form thin snow cover and for the beach is absurd to speak.

Even in Andalusia, Cyprus and the southern Greek islands at this time of year is cool and rainy.

And now for the beach in Canary Islands

Beach in January and February on Canary Islands
Whether it is for the beach in January and February in the Canary Islands that depends on whether it is sunny or cloudy.

In the darkest days may be around 19 – 20°C.

This weather is great for outdoor activities, because is not hot or cold.

It is just perfect.

For the beach, however, may seem cool.

But if the weather is sunny it is around 23 – 24°C, which makes it great for the beach.

This is actually the only place in Europe where you can lounge on the sand and bathe in the sea in January.

The temperature of the ocean during this period varies in the range of 17 to 19°C.

It is influenced more by ocean currents than by season.

But the fact is that there are people who are more sensitive to weather and according to them temperatures are too low for the beach.

However, there is a decision.

The swimming pools on the Canary Islands are heated during the winter months.

So in all likelihood every visitor will be satisfied according to the temperatures.

Although there are not many people who would complain of local 19, 21 or 23°C when the temperatures of almost the entire continent are around and even below freezing.

Not to mention that in Europe, even if it is sunny, the January sun hardly could be felt, whereas here there is even a risk of burns!


There is something interesting, which occurred in the Canary Islands.

Here often happens between the northern and southern parts of the islands to have few degrees difference.

For example is not impossible when the temperatures in the northern part of Tenerife and Gran Canaria drop to 19-20 degrees in the southern parts to be 3-4 degrees warmer.

So if you wish to be more satisfied with the weather in January and February you can navigate to the southern parts where is generally sunnier, warmer and with higher temperatures.

Some of the best places for winter beach vacation here are Maspalomas, Playa de Las Americas and Costa Calma.