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Rural tourism in Bulgaria

After the end of the Second World War, tourism industry found fertile ground for development.

The stabilizing of the international situation exerted favorable influence on tourism and it started step by step to evolve and to make a huge leap in the seventies of the 20th century.

Countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal are among the most favored.

As you can see these are mainly Mediterranean and Alpine countries, with the exception of Portugal.

The reason is not one, but many.

almond tree Bulgaria

Warm and sunny climate, beautiful beaches, clear waters, beautiful mountains, cultural heritage, culinary delights and the lifestyle of South Europe proved to be the winning formula.

Even today this is the most attractive tourist region on the planet.

To the list of destinations today we can add also and countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia and Turkey.

All together form the most visited tourist region on the planet.

The emergence of new types of tourism

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With the emergence of new countries on the tourist scene is necessary for everyone to be modernized.

Each country tries to attract more and more tourists, assuring them that it is the right choice.

This forces each destination to strive to stand above the rest, and invent new types of tourism, new attractions and reach to unknown horizons.

Gradually the competition forms new branches – some successful, others not.

And if a few decades ago going on holiday was necessarily connected with sea, mountains and spas, today everything is different.

Few decades ago was invented a new type of tourism which now is developing very well and obviously has great prospects for the future – rural tourism.

The emergence of rural tourism

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Like the other types, rural tourism also begins its development after World War II.

Gradually with the growth of the urban areas life becomes more dynamic and increasingly detached from nature.

People’s lives are turned into an endless rush between work and household chores and runs entirely in an urban environment.

The rural lifestyle of which until recently everybody ran up, today is very attractive.

To spend some time into village atmosphere today is a lifestyle.

Province has remained one of the few places where life is still unchanged, culture and traditions are preserved, and environment impresses with its clarity and naturalness.

Of course, cities with their diversity, opportunity and sovereign always have been, are and will most likely be more attractive to live, but the villages meet new horizons with the development of rural tourism.

Bulgaria and rural tourism

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And while France, Italy and Spain are popular destinations for the practicing of rural tourism, countries like Bulgaria are still quite unknown for tourists.

Unlike the more developed economies in southern Europe, many tourists are not sure what they will see coming in Bulgaria.

And it is paradoxical, because Bulgaria is much more natural than most countries in Europe, and the Bulgarian villages are probably the places in which modern life and civilization are entered weakest.

The life of people in the Bulgarian province has not changed notably in the 20th century with the exception of some small comfort.

At the beginning of the new millennium the quality of food in major cities worldwide is a great problem.

Practically no one is sure what is the food quality and most importantly – what the products on the table consist and if they are natural or not.

A growing part of the menu of modern man is composed of literally chemistry – dyes, flavourings, preservatives and others.

On the streets car traffic reaches to increasingly monstrous levels.

Cities are struggling with daily congestion.

The air is polluted, and in many larger cities in the world during the night one does not even see the stars.

The timing of people’s confused.

Some of them work during the day, others at night, and third alternate day and night.

Anyone is in a hurry and almost all people are under stress.

The romantic side of the Bulgarian countryside

rural area in Bulgaria
In Bulgarian villages everything is different.

In the 21st century Bulgaria’s rural areas benefit less from technological progress.

Electricity, water, telephone and television, of course, there are in almost every home, but it practically exhausted everything.

People grow their own food and avoid buying mass-manufactured products from the stores.

They cultivate what they need. People produce wine for home use.

For cooking and heating are mainly used woods.

Anyone you ask in an arbitrary Bulgarian village can tell that food cooked by electricity is tasteless and unnatural.

Normally, all spend most of their day time in the yard, dealing with their own garden.

In many villages people do not even lock their doors.

One of the most obvious advantages is the clean air.

On arrival you will find new flavors for which even you have never knew.

village houses bulgaria

Air smells of nature, of plants, animals, sun-heated land or moist from some close reservoir, but never of exhaust gases or gasoline from factories and cars.

Even some of the clothes are home made.

Most commonly used is the sheep’s wool, from which the people make jackets and sweaters.

In the rural areas everything is different.

Even the values of the people are different. Locals less indulge in entertainment than the citizens of the big cities.

It turns out that a village holiday can recover almost any stress accumulated in contemporary urban life.

Therefore, rural tourism is favored mainly by inhabitants of large cities.

Arriving in the village, tourists can deal with optional traditional activities associated with everyday life of the rural people.

Moreover, in many places is available for tourists to take part in a traditional craft such as pottery.

Village Vacation is a journey into the past that can enrich everyone.


forest in eastern Bulgaria
There are villages all over Bulgaria which are fit for this purpose.

We encourage you to select the mountains because there the combination of nature and culture is optimal.

In mountainous areas life has remained less affected than that in the valleys near the major cities.

Best place for practicing of rural tourism is the Rhodope Mountain, which is considered to be the most beautiful mountain in Europe.


For the practice of rural tourism are the most appropriate months from May to September.

In winter contact with nature may be limited by low temperatures and snowfall.