10 Best Beach Holidays in Europe

corfu greece

These are the 10 destinations in the Mediterranean region, which can help you decide where to rest during the upcoming summer.

It is quite difficult for almost everybody to take this seemingly simple solution, because one always tries to get the best vacation offer at the most reasonable price.

Choosing one of these ten places from this list, you with certainly will not make compromise with the quality of your vacation because each one of these destinations is a classic.

1. Cyprus

The island of Aphrodite is located in the eastern Mediterranean.

It is suitable for summer tourism from early spring to late autumn.

It is a very good solution for a summer vacation if you are unable to travel right in the middle of the summer.

There is plenty of sights worth seeing – the rock of Aphrodite, the numerous churches and monasteries in Troodos mountains, lovely beaches in Agia Napa, the old town of Paphos which is in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and what not.

2. Ibiza (Spain)

ibiza spain
People call Ibiza “island of endless summer fun and parties”.

Most of the numerous bars and restaurants are just within reach to the snow white beaches and some of them are even on the sand.

For lovers of nightlife we should note that local nightclubs are among the best in the world.

This island has inspired many singers and DJs.

This is an ideal destination for anyone seeking a wonderful climate and entertainment with no matter how old is he.

3. Sicily (Italy)

sicily italy
In case that you are one the people for whom delicious cuisine is a weakness, then you should set for the Italian south.

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Here is the realm of culinary delights.

No matter whether you prefer seafood or well-known Italian specialities – Sicily is the place.

All this is combined with a very warm climate, beautiful beaches and a casual Southern atmosphere.

You can feel the culture in the air at every step and everything looks so beautiful and stylish.

But if you’re nuts on adventures – Etna volcano is waiting for you!

4. Halkidiki (Greece)

The advantages of Halkidiki are numerous, but two of them make that destination world famous – these are the ecologically clean nature and the amazing monasteries, due to which over the centuries Greece has preserved intact much of the local culture and religion.

This Greek peninsula with shape of trident will offer you everything you need to relax and restore your energy away from the noise and dynamics of the big cities.

Here you can find a lot of Blue Flag Beaches.

This fact makes Halkidiki one of the most pure and good for tourism places in Europe.

5. Corsica (France)

If you are looking for Mediterranean charm mixed with French style and beaches with warm, almost tropical radiation then Corsica is a perfect place for you.

And if you wonder in what part of the island to stay – select the southeastern coast.

You really will not regret!

Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Silence and peace are still everywhere.

This is one of the few places in the Mediterranean, which still fail to protect themselves from the huge crowds of visitors.

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6. Crete (Greece)

crete greece
If you plan to visit one of the Greek islands is good to know one thing – Crete offers the best of everything.

It is the southernmost and therefore the warmest and sunniest of all Aegean islands.

Here has arisen and flourished the famous Minoan civilization, which collapsed mysteriously around 1500 BC.

Crete gives you the opportunity to combine superb beaches and excellent climate with an unparalleled wealth in its culture.

This is the epitome of Mediterranean dream holiday island with its slow rhythm of life, palms, olive and citrus trees.

7. Algarve (Portugal)

algarve portugal
With its endless beaches Algarve is the most picturesque spot on the European Atlantic coast and one of the most romantic tourist destinations in Europe.

The business card of the Algarve are the steep orange or red banks.

This gives the beaches a light and delicate orange hue.

Great restaurants, delicious Southern cuisine and famous Portuguese wines will turn your holiday here into an unforgettable experience.

Because of its romantic atmosphere Algarve is a wonderful place for honeymooners and people looking for a place to celebrate their anniversary.

8. Dubrovnik (Croatia)

dubrovnik croatia
On the shore of the Adriatic Sea is located one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Dubrovnik.

People usually call it „the pearl of the Adriatic“.

The old part of the town is in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Most amazing is the city when you watch it from above.

Orange tiled roofs of the old buildings, massive stone walls, calm waters of the Adriatic Sea and indented coast line dotted with numerous bays, islands and peninsulas make this place the most attractive spot on coast of the Dalmatia.

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9. Catalonia (Spain)

The Spanish province of Catalonia is and has always been one of the most attractive places for tourism on the continent.

The reasons are numerous.

On the one hand the coast of Catalonia is divided into two fabulously beautiful tourist regions – Costa Brava and Costa Dorada which are known for their beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery.

On the other hand in Catalonia is located one of the most dynamic and modern cities on the continent – Barcelona.

The ability to combine a lounging on one of the local beaches with sightseeing of world class landmarks makes Catalonia one of the Europe’s top destinations.

10. Corfu (Greece)

corfu greece
If you’ve ever visited Greece, will hardly be surprised by the fact that three of the ten most attractive places for summer holidays in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean in our list are located in Greece.

This is the country on summer vacations, small coastal restaurants, charming coves and thousands of islands.

Located on the west coast of Greece, Corfu will represent the country in a particularly attractive light.

Here you will find beautiful Mediterranean forests, beaches with crystal clear water and a gentle, subtle Italian feeling.

This is due to the geographical proximity of Italy to this part of Greece.

Just imagine – here you will meet at one place two of the most amazing and rich cultures in the world – Greek and Italian!


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