10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Bulgaria

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Even if part of Europe, Bulgaria is a country that few people know.

For this reason, most things you can hear about the small Balkan country are not true, while others are greatly exaggerated.

Over the last few years, the interest of foreigners to live in the country increased significantly and more people want to settle here permanently.

In cities such as Sofia, Bourgas and Varna live large communities of foreigners.

For example, there is a large Russian neighborhood to the north of the city of Varna.

If you want to find some information about Bulgaria at first hand, in the following article you will find interesting facts that you may find useful.

1. Bulgaria is a dangerous country – false

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It is often said that Bulgaria is a dangerous country, but this is absolutely not true.

If you look at the statistics, you will see that the small Balkan country is one of the most peaceful and safe places on the continent.

Actually, you are in much bigger risk of becoming a victim of crime in some of the developed countries in Western Europe such as Britain or Belgium for example.

2. Bulgaria is a poor country – true and false

Most of the people who have visited Bulgaria are very surprised after seeing the country for the first time because they expect to see very poor destination like some of the countries in Latin America or Africa.

However, the reality is a bit different. The residents of Bulgaria live normal lives. They love shopping and are usually quite well-dressed, love to eat out and drive nice cars.

Salaries here are quite low compared to most countries in Europe, but on the other hand this is offset by the low prices of most goods and especially services.

3. Bulgaria is not an attractive place to work – true

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BUT, in contrast, it is an excellent place to develope your own business.

Taxes in the country are among the lowest in Europe, and unlike the developed countries such as France, Germany or the UK, there are still many niches that are waiting to be occupied.

4. It is difficult to adapt to the Bulgarian culture – false

In fact, the foreigners in Bulgaria often enjoy better treatment than the locals.

Moreover, in many major cities around the country there are large communities of immigrants, and most of these people are very well adapted to the local way of life.

5. Bulgarian food is of better quality – true

When Bulgarians live in another country in Europe or around the world, one of the most difficult things to get used to is the quality of food.

This is not surprising given that local foods (fruits, vegetables, dairy products) offer really excellent taste. The reason is very simple – the soils in Bulgaria are very rich in nutrients.

6. Quality of services in Bulgaria is low – false

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Most services in Bulgaria are the same quality and sometimes even better in comparison with other European countries.

For example, dental care here in no way inferior to countries such as the Netherlands, the UK and Austria. Therefore, the dental tourism is very popular in Bulgaria.

Visitors from Germany and Britain visit the country to receive high-quality dental care at reasonable prices.

7. Bulgaria is technologically backward country – false

In fact Bulgaria is among the fastest growing technological nations in Europe.

For example, the access to high-speed internet in Bulgaria is several times cheaper in comparison with other countries such as Cyprus.

8. Bulgaria’s nature is among the most beautiful in Europe – true

Indeed, Bulgaria has very beautiful scenery, but the popularity of the country around the world is too low due to lack of advertising.

For comparison, the mountains in Bulgaria are no less beautiful than the mountains in Switzerland or Austria, and the beaches rank alongside the most beautiful in Greece, Spain, Italy or France.

9. Bulgarians are very sociable and contact people – false

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Though Bulgarians are very friendly and warm people, they really are not very sociable.

Most people are relatively closed and prefer to communicate primarily in a family environment. In this respect Bulgarian culture is very similar to other countries in Southern Europe such as Italy.

10. Bulgarians usually live in their own homes – true

Bulgarians have their own homes (mostly apartments and more rarely houses) in much bigger percent in comparison with the other countries in Europe.

Traditionally, most people provide apartments for their grown children. In this respect Bulgaria is pretty different from the other countries on the continent, especially from the countries in Western Europe.