Thailand vs Costa Rica

ko phi phi thailand

Thailand and Costa Rica are two of the most popular and attractive tropical countries.

They are not only desirable tourist destinations, where many people want to spend the winter months of the year, but also a good place to live.

Low prices and calm pace of life attract not only young, but also many older people looking for a suitable place to live retirement.

Thailand and Costa Rica definitely are similar in many respects, but are also quite different.

1. Nature

ko phi phi thailand
Ko Phi Phi by Robert Brands

These two countries have amazing biodiversity.

However, Costa Rica has a slight advantage compared to Thailand, because its nature is exceptionally well-preserved over the centuries and generally quite wild.

Moreover, the number of species of plants and animals in Costa Rica is bigger.

With regard to protected areas Costa Rica is one of the world leaders.

Approximately one third of the total area is occupied by national parks and reserves.

2. Beaches

Costa Rica‘s beaches are beautiful, but wild and many of them are not quite appropriate and safe for swimming.

Around the coast of the small Central American country there are dangerous waves and ocean currents.

They are usually strong and make bathing risky.

Unlike Costa Rica, Thailand is a more attractive place for swimming, diving, snorkeling and water sports as a whole.

Along the coast of Thailand has many resorts and attractive nearby islands to offer quiet coves, calm beaches, transparent water, shallow coral reefs and in addition are suitable for family tourism.

3. Climate

costa rica forest bridge
Both countries are very close to the equator.

For this reason they enjoy year-round warm weather.

In Thailand and Costa Rica has two seasons – dry and rainy.

Rainfall during the dry season is rare, but in contrast during the rainy season it is quite common occurrence.

Although they have similar climatic conditions, the weather in Thailand is generally a little warmer.

In most of the country the average daily temperatures during the year range mostly between 29 and 33°C.

In this respect, Costa Rica’s climate is considered to be better with lower temperatures, usually around 26 – 28°C.

It is also very often described as one of the countries with the best climate in the world.

4. Entertainment

The atmosphere in Thailand is generally much more dynamic and lively for those seeking entertainment.

Due to the large number of tourists visiting this country, Thailand offers really great possibilities for fun.

The capital Bangkok, for example, is known for its colourful nightlife, numerous bars, clubs and restaurants.

5. Food

Undoubtedly, Thai food would be more appealing and attractive to most Europeans.

It is spicy and offers amazing flavors and aromas, and the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is really fascinating.

On the other hand the cuisine of Costa Rica will probably appeal more to people who don‘t love to experiment with new culinary sensations and prefer closer to American and European food.

6. Safety

architecture thailand
Thailand is very peaceful and safe country.

The locals are very nice, friendly and tolerant toward foreign cultures.

On the other hand, Costa Rica is described as the most secure and peaceful country west of the Atlantic and is considered to be the Switzerland of Latin America.

There is no army, crime is very low, and the natives are gentle and peaceful people.

Of course, like many other countries in the world, including Europe, petty crime here is also well known.

7. Architecture

tropical rainforest costa rica
The architecture in Costa Rica does not distinct from other countries in Central America and the New World.

In a small part of the buildings you can feel Spanish influence and a hint of colonialism.

New and modern construction, however, prevail.

The architecture of Thailand is completely different from anything we are used to see in Europe or North America.

Most impressive and amazing are the ancient Buddhist temples, whose serene ambiance invites you to visit them.

8. Health

thailand lake and architecture
Costa Rica and Thailand are very popular among people from all around the world who travel to take advantage of affordable and quality medical and dental services.

In this respect these two countries are much cheaper than Europe and North America, but the quality is quite high.

These two destinations are particularly popular for their aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

9. Prices

The prices for most consumer goods in Thailand are lower than in Costa Rica.

In most cases, the difference varies between 20 and 50%.

However, there are some goods and services that are cheaper in Costa Rica.

This includes most cheese and dairy products, electricity and some kinds of services.

10. Shopping

Although the capital of Costa Rica is a city that provides good opportunities for lovers of shopping, San Jose and Bangkok are incomparable.

The choice of large malls and shopping centers in Thailand is breathtaking and the variety of goods is thrilling.

11. Ecology

costa rica frog
Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest countries in the world as regards to ecology.

It relies heavily on water power.

According to numerous international sources, it ranks among the five most environmentally friendly countries in the world.

The environment in Thailand is also relatively clean, but the country is much more densely populated, and large cities such as Bangkok can not be measured with many times smaller cities such as the capital of Costa Rica.