Benidorm Spain

7 Largest City Resorts in the World

In recent decades, the tourism industry worldwide has made impressive growth.

Going on holiday is no longer a privilege of rich people.

It is an important part of social life of all members of contemporary society.

Gradually emerged and developed numerous resorts.

Some of them reached an unprecedented level of development and has gained international recognition.

They return into attractive entertainment centers that attract millions of tourists each year.

Here is a list of the largest resorts in the world by continents.

1. Benidorm / Spain, EU – Europe

Benidorm Spain
No, this is not Manhattan.

This is the largest resort in Europe.

It is called Benidorm and is located northeast of Alicante in southeast Spain.

In the 20th century the city experienced unprecedented tourist boom.

Spanish perfect climate with long hot summers, mild winters and plenty of sunny days a year and wonderful beaches with fine golden sand began to attract millions of tourists.

Hotels began more and more difficult to accommodate the increasing number of visitors looking for the perfect summer vacation at a good price.

As a result has started construction of taller hotels and buildings with apartments.

Each hotel would like to offer the best possible view of the bay and sea.

Today, after decades of rapid development Benidorm looks pretty impressive, and most tall buildings are located just on the coast of the Mediterranean.

The size and architecture of Benidorm create an illusion about the number of the population.

As we said, many of local tall buildings are hotels, and huge crowds of people are tourists, but no local residents.

The actual number of the local population is only about 75 000 people!

2. Miami / USA – North America

Miami Beach Florida
Miami is considered to be one of the most popular and major resorts in the world.

The city is a starting point for most cruises, which are held in the Caribbean Sea.

The reasons for the exceptional development of this resort city are warm tropical climate, beautiful beaches and huge investments in infrastructure.

Miami is the best place for wintering in the continental United States.

Center of the tourism industry is Miami Beach.

Here are the best restaurants, cafes, clubs and hotels.

Most buildings are Art Deco and are painted in bright hues, especially in white.

Today the population of the largest resort in the world is around 4.9 million people.

The impressive skyline is dominated mainly by hotels and residential apartments.

3. Cancun / Mexico – Central America

Cancun Mexico Central America
Cancun is the largest resort in Central America and this is very surprising, given that this city was founded in the seventies of the twentieth century.

Cancun has flourished rapidly due to the exceptional geographical location.

Tourist part of the city is located on a long sandy stripe.

Beaches are incredibly white and crystal-clear sea is only a few steps away from the huge hotels, whose silhouettes are visible from afar.

Cancun is on the top in the tourism industry.

For several decades this resort turns into a city with a population of over 600,000 people!

The fact that the tourist capital of Central America is often near the path of hurricanes, does not afraid the millions of tourists or people who want to buy a real estate here.

4. Copacabana (Rio) / Brazil – South America

Copacabana is a district of Rio de Janeiro and at the same time is the biggest and most attractive tourist center throughout South America.

The main reason for turning of Copacabana into a tourism giant is extremely picturesque geographic location.

Sea, golden sand, mountains and tropical rain forest attract millions of visitors.

Magnificent beach is surrounded by numerous skyscrapers, hotels and residential buildings with expensive and luxurious apartments.

And if you see Copacabana during the winter months when there are millions of tourists flocking from all around the world will understand why this place holds the leadership of the continent.

Particularly impressive are the crowds of tourists during the annual carnival in February.

Then for one can be a real challenge to passes through the crowded streets of Copacabana.

5. Durban / South Africa – Africa

Located in the tropics of the South Africa, the city of Durban is the largest resort on the continent.

South Africa is the most developed African country and successfully take advantage of its tourism resources.

Coast of Durban is built up with hotels, villas, golf courses and offers countless opportunities for leisure and fun.

This concentration of tourist sites is bigger than it is even in Morocco or Egypt, which is a huge achievement for Africa.

This beautiful city as a whole is one of the most important tourist centers not only on the continent, but also in the southern hemisphere.

6. Pattaya / Thailand – Asia

Pattaya is the largest resort in all of Asia.

Even with a population of “only” a hundred thousand people, this resort is a bustling with life throughout the year.

It is located on the shores of Gulf of Siam in Thailand.

A few steps from the magnificent beaches rise huge hotels.

Although the significant number of large buildings, Pattaya is a resort that can‘t complain of lack of vegetation.

Everywhere grow exotic tropical flowers, trees and shrubs.

The high floors of the hotels offer spectacular views of the bay.

Some of the impressive buildings in Pattaya are not hotels, but residential buildings with luxury apartments.

This is understandable given the high interest of foreigners to buy real estates in Pattaya.

Currently in Pattaya build a huge apartment building.

The tower‘s name is “Ocean 1 Tower” and will be 367 meters high. It will be the highest skyscraper in Thailand and is an indicator for the economic development of Pattaya.

7. Gold Coast / QueenslandAustralia

Gold Coast Australia
Gold Coast is Australia’s tourism capital.

This is the largest resort on the continent and the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Surely you will be strongly impressed by the local architecture.

Here you can see literally how a resort becomes a vibrant metropolis before your eyes.

And to underpin our words with evidence will tell you that in Gold Coast is located the highest skyscraper on the continent.

This tower is Q1, which stands at a height of almost 323 meters.

The reason why the Gold Coast has turned into the biggest tourist giant in Australia and Oceania is that the place is one of the best for surfing in the world.

Strongly contribute and glory of the local population as extremely friendly and hospitable.

Gold Coast is a resort that is developed in the right place at the right time.

The combination of nature and ultra-modern society has been very favourable for the development of the tourism giant.