20 Best Islands to Visit (for Vacation)

aruba paradise

Most of the islands are situated in the tropics in different parts of the world and the common between them is heavenly scenery and the limitless opportunities for relaxation they offer.

Others of them are located in the Mediterranean and combine immense natural with cultural and historical treasures.

1. Sicily (Italy)

Italy is so beautiful that you can not describe it without sound cliched.

The jewel of this wonderful country is Sicily.

This is the largest and most diverse island in the Mediterranean.

Here you will find everything – beautiful beaches, impressive mountains, unspoiled forests, farms, villages, modern cities and of course – the volcano Mount Etna.

In Sicily, you will have the pleasure to enjoy the most delicious food!

For you, perhaps it is no secret that this is a Mecca of culinary delights. Sicily is the heart of the Italian south.

Here, Italy is much more natural and real than anywhere else.

The people are charming, smiling and unadulterated, and communicating with them is a real pleasure.

In Sicily there is something very typical – even in the largest and modern cities you can feel something quaint and provincial, which seems to make people slow down and enjoy the moment.

On this large Mediterranean island best things are the most simple – a cup of coffee in a small café amidst the narrow Italian streets, the aroma of freshly baked bread at a local bakery, and the incredible smell of hot pizza.

You will be able to enjoy the relaxing fragrance of heated from the hot Mediterranean sun ground.

Walking down the streets, here and there you can hear occasionally the sound of Italian melody coming through some open window.

People talk carelessly on the street as they have all the time in the world.

2. Mallorca (Spain)

mallorca beach spain
Mallorca is the largest and most famous Balearic island.

It is a favourite spot for family tourism for millions of Europeans, and many people who visit this island return here again and again.

Mallorca is home to many Germans, who failed to resist the temptation to live here permanently.

The island offers classic Mediterranean landscapes, olive and citrus trees, picturesque and very attractive coasts with numerous large and small beaches with bright, white sand, Spanish atmosphere and beautiful architecture.

The island combines attractive coastal resorts with a provincial atmosphere inside.

The climate is warm – there is a mild winter and hot in summer.

From early spring to late autumn foreigners enjoy the sunny weather lounging on the coasts of this paradise island.

3. Ibiza (Spain)

ibiza mediterranean sea
When becomes a question of entertainment, one name rises above all the others.

The Balearic Island Ibiza is considered the world capital of parties and certainly the most musical island in the world.

Here you will find some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the world.

Therefore, this Mediterranean jewel enjoys the fame of the most attractive tourist destination for young people in general.

But Ibiza has also another side that is quite different.

This is the place where you can find the best beaches in Europe.

The waters here are the most clear and transparent and visibility is among the best on the continent.

It is believed that the reason lies in the sea grass.

This plant grows in the shallow waters around the island of Ibiza and is regarded as a natural filter of seawater.

4. Crete (Greece)

crete greece mediterranean sea
Crete is described by many as the best place for a holiday in the Mediterranean.

The reasons are numerous.

On the one hand, tourists will find here perfect beaches and scenic coastline, on the other hand will be able to utilize their time in the best possible way, immersing into the deepness of Greek culture.

Crete is known with the flourish and disappearing of the Minoan civilization.

The end of this civilization is connected to the colossal eruption of Santorini Island more than 3400 years ago.

Crete offers many unforgettable nights in taverns, which are attractive spot for people after the hot southern sun disappears behind the horizon.

5. Cyprus

The island of Aphrodite, also known as Cyprus is a favourite vacation spot for millions of tourists arriving from different parts of the world.

There are many beautiful beaches in Cyprus, but most attractive is the coastal area of Agia Napa.

White sands and crystal clear waters offer the visitors unique moments along the coast.

But Cyprus is not only beautiful beaches.

Troodos mountains are covered with coolness and freshness bearing forests.

In some places among the mountain slopes you can find small villages where ancient traditions are well kept in the preparation of food and wine.

Among Troodos Mountains will also find beautiful monasteries, which keep the spirit and traditions of Christianity.

If you are a fan of architectural monuments, then Paphos is for you.

The old part of this incredible town is the list of cultural heritage by UNESCO.

6. Santorini (Greece)

santorini island greece
Santorini island is unique with its dark red beaches and rocky shores.

For it is sometimes said that offers the wildest and rawest landscapes in the Mediterranean.

The volcanic origin of the island is visible everywhere.

The huge bay right in the heart of Thira (Santorini’s other name) keeps the memory of the monstrous eruption.

Of 200-300 meters above the dark blue waters of the Aegean Sea, close to the edge of the cliffs are built hundreds of snow-white houses and small churches and chapels, and between them criss cross narrow whitewashed staircases.

For sunsets of Santorini we can talk a lot, but nothing can describe them – they are simply breathtaking!

7. Corfu (Greece)

corfu greece mediterranean sea
Corfu whose other name is Kerkyra, is located on the border between Greece and Albania.

The island is popular for its beautiful scenery.

Much of its territory is covered by Mediterranean forests, and coasts are so tempting, so it is difficult to resist them.

The atmosphere is really casual.

Corfu offers a huge variety of small restaurants which serve seafood.

Inside the island there are wonderful places to walk.

Along the way there are fascinating small fountains and churches.

As soon as you move away from the coast you will feel the provincial atmosphere that makes Corfu even more beautiful.

The air is clean and birds and tiny creatures seem to be everywhere.

Corfu is perfect for people seeking real vacation in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

8. Tenerife (Spain)

This is the best holiday island of all the Canary Islands and enjoys a worldwide fame due to the fresh air and perfect climate.

Located 320 km west of Morocco, the island offers a winter temperature of 21°C, allowing you to spend hours under the open sky without feeling that it is too warm or too cold.

The island is the center of countless possibilities for entertainment.

Modern cities, perfect resorts, amusement and aqua parks, sunny beaches and high mountains covered with pine trees.

In one day you can lounge on the beach and in the same time to walk among the snowy peaks of Teide.

If you like to go offshore, then you could enjoy to one of the boat tours among the Atlantic.

Often around the vessel swim whole herds of dolphins, for which this is probably the funnies game.

9. Maui (USA)

Maui is the most famous and attractive of all the Hawaii Islands.

It offers some of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes that one can see in the United States.

Maui is the best place for surfing in the world.

This applies especially to the north coast, where during the winter months thanks to the strong winds you can see some of the largest ocean waves in the world!

At the same time the south and west coast Maui are real paradise with incredible beaches and tourist season which lasts 12 months a year.

For Hawaii is sad that the weather is never bad two days in a row.

The interior of Maui is covered with dense tropical forests.

Waterfalls descend through the staggering mountain slopes.

On the west coast is located Lahaina.

This is the most important historic center of Hawaii.

10. Bora-Bora (French Polynesia)

bora bora paradise
They call it the most beautiful place on earth, and really there is why.

Located amidst the tropics of the South Pacific, Bora-Bora is a dream come true.

White sands, coconut palms and mirrored lagoons have played together its key role and have turned the islands into the dream vacation spot.

Tourists usually stay at small but extremely luxurious Tahitian houses in the middle of the lagoon.

From everywhere you can hear the sounds of the ocean and bird’s song.

If you wish to dive into the coral lagoon you only have to exit the house in which you are staying.

The most amazing thing here are the colors of the ocean – they just can not be described.

Here the tourist season lasts 12 months a year.

When it rains the rains are usually heavy but short.

And if there’s anything more enjoyable than to sit on the porch and enjoy the strong tropical rain and lightnings, trying to relieve the accumulated energy during the heat of the day?

11. Jamaica

If we need to describe Jamaica in short, we must begin with the fact that this island is the epitome of the Caribbean.

Coconut palms, magnificent beaches, 365 days of sunshine, cocktails, fiery sunsets and what not.

The home of reggae is the best medicine against stress, gained from the dynamics and noise of modern cities.

People here seem very relaxed, happy and they will show you how to enjoy the small things in life.

It is not accidentally that Jamaica is a birthplace of whole culture that preaches calmness and unruffled way of life.

And not to mention how many things there is to see.

The island is covered with tropical jungle, which is simply waiting to be discovered and conquered by its visitors.

12. Whitsunday Island (Australia)

The most beautiful island in Australia is among the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Most impressive is Whitehaven Beach, which with its unreal whiteness and blue or emerald lagoons with clear water will take your breath away.

This is amazing place for diving and perhaps will be most appreciated by lovers of nature.

Year-round warm climate is a prerequisite for visiting this beautiful place 12 months per year.

Whitsunday Islands is an active participant in most tourism videos from the ad campaign of Australia.

This is not surprising because the island is one of the most beautiful faces on the continent.

13. Barbados

Have you ever dreamed about a vacation on a tropical paradise island?

Have you ever dreamed of getting married on the beach under the tropical sun?

Whatever holiday you have planned, choosing Barbados is a kind of guarantee that will not go wrong.

Often they say about this island that it is ideal for those who do not know what they are looking for, because whatever they search, there will surely find it here.

The island has the British class and Caribbean spirit.

It can boasts with some of the best beaches, amazing forests, game of cricket and the place where the pop star Rihanna was born.

Located away from the path of the hurricanes is what make it even more attractive for tourism.

Barbados is the most popular tourist destination of the Lesser Antilles.

14. Cuba

Many people say that the Island of Freedom is the most beautiful in the world.

It is located in close proximity to Florida and is part of the Great Antilles.

Local nature is beautiful – the perfect Caribbean beaches, coral reefs, picturesque interiors with beautiful mountains and dense forests, all year round warm climate.

For Cuba it is said that the country has the greatest cultural wealth in Latin America.

It is associated with hot Latin rhythms, rum, cigars and unquenchable smile on the faces of beautiful islanders.

Unlike most Caribbean islands, Cuba features a large territory and vast bio diversity.

This island country is in the Caribbean what is Sicily in the Mediterranean – namely the island with the best combination of natural and cultural wealth.

15. Aruba

aruba paradise
Aruba is one of the most attractive places for recreation in the world.

The island is a paradise for lovers of diving and for people who hold to the numerous entertainment options.

Casinos, luxury hotels and restaurants will not allow you to be bored even for a moment.

And when you just want to relax and do nothing white sandy beaches await you.

There is no wrong season.

Sun smiles 365 days a year, and tropical storms that occasionally pass through the Caribbean are always sufficiently far away from this paradise.

16. Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

ko phi phi thailand
The small island of Ko Phi Phi is located not far from the island of Phuket in southwestern Thailand, about 25 kilometers from the coast of the peninsula of Malacca.

It is considered the most beautiful island in Thailand.

If you want to imagine it, just remember the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

For decoration of this movie have been used the heavenly beauty of this paradise.

Besides the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, Ko Phi Phi is known for its steep, overgrown with dense vegetation cliffs that rise vertically from the sea surface.

17. Praslin Island (Seychelles)

seyshelles indian ocean
If you visit the island of Praslin you probably will be wondered how nature has managed to create something so beautiful.

Such a masterpiece can not be seen every day.

Praslin Island is hilly, covered with tropical rain forest.

It is located just 4 degrees south of the equator and enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

The beaches are immaculate white, and lagoons are dazzling!

The place offers opportunities for diving, lounging on the beach, walking in the jungle and what not.

Visitors to the island of Praslin say that walking among the extremely lush tropical vegetation in Praslin National Park, one feels as if has shrunk to the size of an ant.

The reason is that in most places the vegetation is so dense that you even can not see the sky and tourists are moving into a tunnel of greenery.

Evenings here are just magical.

Just imagine the harmony: to listen the sound of the sea, the voice of countless birds and insects, whose sounds come from the rainforest and the coolness that comes from the jungle – coolness about which you can only dream during the hot hours of the day.

18. St. John (Virgin Islands)

It is no secret that the Virgin Islands offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and security here is much higher than many other Caribbean islands.

One of the most difficult tasks for the future tourist is to stop his attention to one of the islands, since all of them are just gorgeous!

And although no one surpass with its beauty the others, it is still considered that the island of St. John offers the best opportunities for tourism.

Everything looks so perfect, that one begins to wonder: “Can anything be perfect? “.

Actually yes.

It is, St. John is the perfect tropical island – calm, warm, sunny, picturesque, with clean air, beaches, dream tropical forests and what not.

The level of service here is more than good!

19. Moorea (French Polynesia)

bora bora south pacific
Moorea is an island located near Tahiti in the South Pacific.

It is a part of the islands of French Polynesia.

The island is a combination of high, steep and rugged mountain peaks covered with dense rain forest and scenic coastlines with white and fine sand and amazing coral lagoons.

The island is volcanic in origin and white beaches due their surprisingly bright sand of powdered coral, which gradually heaped up ashore.

Like Bora-Bora here tourists also stay mostly in small houses in the sea or among the dense tropical vegetation.

20. Fiji

fiji pacific ocean
Romance in Fiji is in everything so you might even stop noted it.

It is part of the local lifestyle, culture and nature.

The islands are considered ideal to get married on the beach, waded knee-deep in warm ocean waters.

You can feel the great geographical distance Fiji actually in every step here.

Not even for a moment will leave you the feeling that you’re thousands of miles away from the rest of the world.

Even neighbouring Australia is located more than 2600 kilometres away from this paradise!

White beaches and palm trees give heavenly vision of this little piece of land in the South Pacific.

The islands are actually numerous, but for the most attractive are considered Yasawa islands, which are arranged like beads to each other north of the main island.

Just imagine: dinner on the shore of the ocean, the table is on the sand and no other than you around, the sun is setting and the sea is like a mirror – calm and reflecting even birds flying over it.