The most interesting European parks

Hyde Park London UK

Europe for centuries is well known for its magnificent parks and gardens.

These are places where for the residents of the Old continent there are excellent opportunities for relaxation.

Greenery and fresh air strongly attract people of all ages.

Usually in big European parks there is a great variety of entertainment possibilities.

We offer you a list of 14 parks that are truly worth visiting.

They are located in different parts of the continent, but what they had in common is that they are unique and impressive.

1. Güell Park

Guell Park Barcelona
Güell Park is well known landmark in the Catalan capital Barcelona.

This place is great work of Antoni Gaudí, who perpetuates itself through its masterpiece.

Among the wonderful atmosphere of the Park Güell you’ll feel like you’re one of the characters of “Alice in Wonderland“.

Here structures with bizarre shape are surrounded with lush subtropical vegetation.

In its longest part Güell Park stretches over two kilometers in length.

2. Sea Garden

Sea Garden Varna Bulgaria
Sea Garden in Varna is the largest urban park on the Balkans.

Its length is almost 3.9 km. It is work of the great Czech architect Anton Novak.

This is one of the biggest attractions in Bulgaria.

Sea Garden acts as a natural border between city and sea, and large trees help to stop the landslide, which is so typical for northeast Bulgaria.

Throughout the year, here are flocking crowds of people seeking a place for contact with nature.

3. Hyde Park

Hyde Park London UK
Hyde Park is one of the most aristocratic parks in Europe.

It is located in one of the chicest areas of the fine British capital London.

Quiet and peaceful alleys that wander under the crowns of large trees are a wonderful place for rest and relaxation nature.

In Hyde Park there are two beautiful lakes, which have sheltered a variety of waterfowl.

The park is the largest in London.

For its largeness contribute also the magnificent Kensington gardens, which you will find in the southeast.

4. Sutton Park

Sutton Park Birmingam
Sutton Park is a real urban forest, located in Birmingham, UK.

From northwest to southeast it extends more than 4.1 km.

Sutton Park is considered to be the largest urban park in Europe.

Here you will find beautiful walking paths, ponds and benches on which to rest after being tired.

And believe me, here is easy to be tired.

Even Central Park would look small compared to Sutton Park.

Because of its large territory most likely the park will seem pretty wild and deserted.

5. Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is one of Europe’s largest urban parks.

It is located in the northwestern parts of the Irish capital Dublin.

This is one of the places that you should not miss visiting this beautiful country.

Phoenix Park posses incredible charm that few urban parks in the world can offer.

Here you can feel a real contact with nature.

It is not wondering to see some herd of deer while you doing your afternoon walk.

Local climate, which looks like an eternal spring maintains the vegetation lush and extremely fresh.

6. Silesian Park

Silesian Park in the Polish city of Katowice is the largest in Poland and one of the most beautiful in Europe and worldwide.

It is located fifty kilometers from the Czech border.

Needless is to emphasize how beautiful nature has Poland as a whole, because this country is a popular with its magic scenery.

Whether it is covered with fresh greenery in summer or powder snow in winter, Silesian Park is one of the nicest places in Europe for a walk and a variety of outdoor activities.

Here is a great place for entertainment.

Here are also the zoo, planetarium, plus a variety of recreational and sports facilities.

7. Slottsskogen Park

Slottsskogen Park is one of the largest in Scandinavia.

It is located in the Swedish city of Göteborg.

The city itself is among the greenest in Europe.

Besides its numerous parks Göteborg is surrounded by exclusive wildlife.

Dense forests here are at arm’s length from the urban landscape.

Slottsskogen Park itself is not so large – about 1.6 km in its longest part, but just one street away of it is the Botanic garden.

Both parks together form one of the largest urban green areas on the continent.

We can only envy the people of Göteborg because of the greenery and fresh air which they enjoy.

8. Monsanto

Monsanto is a forest area amidst the cosmopolitan capital of Portugal, Lisbon.

Residents of the city can be really proud that this is the largest urban green area across southern Europe.

The area of the park is hilly, so it offers beautiful view of the bay and the bridge “April 25”, which is the same as the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

This urban woodland is a wonderful place for quiet walks and solitude.

Here you rarely will see many people.

The area is popular for camping and it is not surprising because as we said this is more a forest than a park.

9. Golden Head

Lyon park France
Golden Head is the largest urban park in France.

It is located in the heart of the gastronomic capital of France – Lyon.

It is situated along the Rhone river.

The location is wonderful for walking and relaxation among the purity of nature.

There are numerous opportunities for entertainment including a zoo, coaster and many others.

This is one of those parks where people like to organize a picnic on a meadow, because everything looks just perfect.

10. Urban Park of Vienna

Along the Danube river lies the largest urban park of Vienna.

Part of it is the great amusement Prater park.

Besides the lush greenness and opportunities for walking and relaxing in nature, the urban park of Vienna is famous for its entertainment attractions.

Which place would be more appropriate to get on the Ferris wheel except for Vienna itself?

This is a great place for biking, since there are many long and straight paths, and the length of the park is about 4.5 km.

11. Margaret Island

Margaret Island is located amidst the waters of the Danube.

This is the pearl of the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Among the dense foliage of this beautiful island criss cross multiple paths, which are a favourite place for residents and guests of the Hungarian capital, especially during the summer heat.

The length of the island is about 2.7 km.

There are swimming complex, restaurants, cycle paths and various sports facilities.

Margaret Island is considered to be the best place for walking and recreation you could find in old Europe.

12. Englisher Garten

English Garden Munich Germany
Englisher Garten is the most popular park in Germany.

It is located along the River Isar in Munich.

The city park gradually turn into a woodland.

This is a favourite place for walking, sport, biking or picnicking.

Englisher Garten is a favourite place for residents of the city especially during summer months, when the shadows of big trees offer coolness.

Here one can sit with a glass of cold beer while talking with friends.

Park starts just from the center of Munich and extends to the north, reaching the outskirts of the city.

13. Stromvka Park

With a length of nearly 2 km Stromvka Park is not so impressive with size than with beauty.

It is located in the capital of Czech Republic – Prague.

Czechs have always been known for their skill in creating of gardens and parks, making them great place for walking and leisure time.

A little pond located in the heart of the park contributes to its picturesqueness.

Like other European cities, the urban planetarium of Prague is located in the park just in its eastern part.

14. Villa Doria Pamphili

With a length of over 2.5 km, Villa Doria Pamphili is the largest park in Rome.

The place is located a little more than a kilometer south of the Vatican.

Villa Doria Pamphili is a great place for walking and relaxing at the weekends after intense working week.

If you visit the Italian capital Rome you should not miss this wonderful place.

This park is designed with great taste.

Greenery provides shade and coolness to those who want to hide from the scorching Italian sun.

Like the city itself, the park creates a cultural atmosphere.

It is beautiful all year round.

Winters here are quite mild and much of the vegetation is evergreen.