The most preserved forest in Europe

the greenness of la gomera is evergreen

The most preserved forest in Europe is located in the territory of Spain, but is not actually on the continent.

You’ll find it on the Spanish Canary island of La Gomera, which geographically belongs to Africa.

Reminding a green hat, this small jungle covers the mountainous central parts of the island, fueled by the moist Atlantic air masses.

the greenness of la gomera is evergreen

Dense evergreen vegetation forms an impenetrable maze of stems and branches.

Hidden away from the eyes of tourists, this place remained untouched and today it looks like before the first people to enter the island.

la gomera the most preserved forest in europe

The rain forest is located in Garajonay National Park which occupies an area of 42 sq km in the heart of the island.

The place was preserved completely unchanged over the centuries and today this unique little rainforest is a World Heritage Site under the auspices of UNESCO.

Today La Gomera is home to about 270 plant and animal species that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

la gomera forest great diversity of plant species

Amazingly this mountain rainforest is not only well-preserved, but also unique in its kind.

Although some of the other Canary Islands also boast lush evergreen vegetation along their northern slopes, La Gomera is a real treasure.

A walk among the tangled tropical species is an indescribable experience.