thracian treasure

The Oldest Golden Treasure in the World

Europe is settled from time immemorial.

The European countries find older and older evidences for the local ancient civilization.

These can be ancient settlements, earthenware, decorations, working instruments and so on.

Europe has given a lot to the civilization in bygone days and today.

The European countries dispute each other their significance about the contribution to the civilization.

thracian treasure

In the 1972 during excavations in Varna, Bulgaria, has found the oldest man made golden treasure in the world.

It dates as far back as the 4-th millennium b.c.

The treasure has found in the Varna necropolis.

The common weight of the golden treasure is approximately 1.5 kg.

The ornaments are Thracian and they have found on the skeleton of approximately 45 years old man.

He has buried together by the golden ornaments.

They have caused incredible interest.

Today the ancient golden treasure travels around the world because to be seen from the people of all six continents.

The official situation of the treasure is the Archaeological Museum of Varna.