10 Best Cities to Visit in Asia

tokyo modern city

Today you’ll find in Asia some of the most modern and dynamic worth visiting cities in the world with impressive architecture.

Dynamic urban centers with millions of inhabitants, high rising office buildings, busy people and unlimited business opportunity with no doubt show us that today we live in the era of Asia.

People often talk about the fast developing economy of Asia.

Indeed, the largest continent on the planet today is completely different than 20 or 30 years ago.

10. Taipei / Taiwan

tokyo modern city
With its bizarre architecture Taipei 101 rises 508 meters above the silhouette of the vibrant Taiwanese capital Taipei.

With its tremendous height, this skyscraper proudly ranks among the highest in the world and makes the surrounding buildings to look small, but in fact they are not.

With the construction of this tower, the city of Taipei ranked among the leaders not only in Asia but in the world.

Today, Taipei is a city with modern infrastructure, numerous trading and shopping centers, amazing night-life and ever increasing business opportunities.

9. Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital and heart of oil-rich Malaysia.

The city reflects the economic welfare of one of the most modern and dynamic countries in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur has a very interesting modern architecture.

The PETRONAS Twin Towers are skyscrapers, whose fame spread far beyond Malaysia.

For six years after these buildings were completed they were the highest in the world.

Today, Kuala Lumpur is a city where you can see everything.

This is a world class metropolis with a huge choice of restaurants and clubs offering exciting night-life.

8. Istanbul / Turkey

Located on the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the most European city in Asia (the opposite is also true).

This multi-million metropolis is a kind of barometer of the rapidly developing Turkish economy.

For this reason it is not surprising that today Istanbul ranks among the most modern cities not only in Asia, but in the world.

The silhouette of Istanbul is impressive.

Modern skyscrapers rise over the city.

They are visible from two continents – Europe and Asia.

Huge bridges rise over the Bosphorus connecting the European and the Asian side of Istanbul.

Just a glimpse is enough to fall in love with this unbelievable city.

7. Seoul / South Korea

Established about 6 centuries ago the city of Seoul today is one of the most hectic and dynamic cities in the world.

It is ultra modern in cultural and technological respect.

Residents of the Korean capital can be proud that this is one place that first enjoys the new technologies of the modern world.

The real heyday of this pulsating metropolis began after the Korean War (1950 – 1953.).

Several decades later, Seoul is a shining city of tall skyscrapers, ultra-modern shopping malls and perfect infrastructure.

6. Bangkok / Thailand

Thousands of restaurants, modern shopping centers, bars, clubs and restaurants have turned Bangkok into the Asian capital of entertainment and one of the cities with the best night-life on the planet.

And it is not surprising given the fact that Thailand is one of the most dynamic tourist destinations in Asia.

The city is huge and has an impressive architecture.

Bangkok’s streets are crowded of visitors 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

5. Shanghai / China

Despite its unprecedented economic and architectural achievements in recent years, the Chinese giant Shanghai still gives way to the vibrant and dynamic city of Hong Kong.

However, the most important economic and financial center of China has won the reputation of world-class metropolis, which should not be underestimated.

Modern Shanghai is a colorful mix of tradition and modern spirit.

The city has extremely modern skyscrapers, and its future looks quite promising.

Needless to say that Shanghai is a place with some of the most impressive shopping centers in the world where you will find unimaginable variety of goods at excellent prices.

4. Singapore

Clean, tidy and dynamic, Singapore is one of the treasures of Asia.

It has an impressive architecture and unbelievable economic importance, especially having in mind its small territory.

The new page in the modern history of Singapore was opened in the early 19th century, when the Englishman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived in these lands and established a port here.

He supposed that the place possesses a great potential, but he is probably is hardly expected that Singapore will become one of the main transportation hubs in the world.

Today there are crossing international routes of great importance by air and water.

3. Hong Kong

The former British possession of Hong Kong is the city with the most skyscrapers in the world.

Today it is one of the world’s leading financial centers.

The limited area of Hong Kong has forced local entrepreneurs to abandon the construction of low buildings and to use the maximum of the available space.

Given the small territory of Hong Kong it is no wondering that the real estates are among the most expensive in the world.

Today, the silhouette of this ultra-modern city is gorgeous!

Hundreds of towers made of steel, concrete and glass rise in the sky over the city!

The streets of Hong Kong combine in a perfect way western lifestyle and oriental charm.

Here you will find excellent world-class hotels, great restaurants and numerous fashionable clubs and bars.

2. Tokyo / Japan

Tokyo is a city that has everything.

They call it the Asian New York and with good reason.

With its population of over 30 million inhabitants, Tokyo is now the largest and busiest city on the planet.

Nowhere in the world you will find so crowded streets and squares, but in combination with feeling of order and discipline.

Like the American metropolis of New York, Tokyo never sleeps.

Life pulsates here 24 hours a day.

The city is constantly bathed in millions of neon lights and the entertainment opportunities are endless.

Tokyo is the world capital of modern technology.

Huge video walls broadcast all sorts of videos and commercials, and anyone who is not accustomed to this dynamic will remain just amazed.

1. Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Very difficult is to find another place like Dubai in the 21st century.

This ultra-modern city is amidst the most cosmopolitan in Asia and much of its population consists of foreigners.

Few decades was needed to the city of Dubai to arise like an oasis amidst the desert of Rub al-Khali.

Today in the city of Dubai you can find everything that go through your mind – from the most luxurious hotels on the planet to the tallest skyscraper in the world – Burj Khalifa.

Dubai is a miracle of human genius, indicating that money can do everything.

Wonders such as Palm Jumeirah and the World cannot be described in words.

Today Dubai is the most modern city not only in Asia but worldwide.

Millions of people want just to catch a glimpse of it and those who can afford it remain fascinated.