10 Best European Skylines

frankfurt mainhattan

Europe has never been in its history associated with skyscrapers, but now in the 20th and 21st century that is increasingly becoming a necessity.

Although the buildings on the continent are not as high as those in China, Japan, USA and Canada, they posses a typical European style and unique design.

In some cities in Europe are formed impressive business centers built by skyscrapers, while elsewhere the skyscrapers are still rarity.

But it is interesting to follow this new European architectural wave and to see what will offer in terms of architecture this continent in the future.

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1. Frankfurt, Germany

frankfurt mainhattan
Since much of the city was completely destroyed during the Second World War, Frankfurt took a completely new course of development in terms of its architecture.

Today it is much different from most cities not only in Europe but also in Germany itself.

Its central parts are formed in an architectural style typical of the countries across the Atlantic – U.S. and Canada.

The city center is built with impressive skyscrapers.

Among the most famous buildings are the tallest skyscraper in Europe – Commerzbank, which rises nearly 259 meters above the city (the antenna spire reaches 300m), the city towers of Deutsche Bank, and the well-known building of the European Central Bank.

Due to the impressive skyline of Frankfurt, the city center is often called, Mainhattan – a combination of the famed Manhattan in New York and the running through the city of Frankfurt Main River.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

skyscrapers istanbul
The largest city in the entire of Turkey boasts modern architecture and for its urban silhouette skyscrapers are nothing new.

Most of them are located in the Levent Business District (main business center of Istanbul).

This part of the city is located on the European shore of the Bosphorus.

The tallest building in Istanbul is called Sapphire Istanbul.

The fine skyscraper tower is 238 meters high and the antenna reaches more than 261 meters.

An interesting fact is that the impressive building is multi functional.

Furthermore, as commercial building, the skyscraper is also used as a building with luxury apartments.

In the largest city of Eastern Europe there are hundreds of other skyscrapers.

Approximately one third of them are being built now.

This indicates about very dynamic economic development of Istanbul in recent years.

3. London, England

london skyscrapers
Today, skyscrapers are an integral part of the silhouette of the most important financial center in the world – London.

Most tall buildings in London are rising where once the old docks were located – in one of the larger meander of the Thames River.

Here is the famous tower of Canary Wharf, which rises to a height of 235 meters and is still the tallest building in London.

The real name is One Canada Square and was completed in 1991.

In 2012 will be completed the tower of Shard London Bridge, which is expected to overshadow all the other buildings in the city with its 330 m height.

Even when you see London, you will realize that the city skyline is work to some of the best architects in the world who are not afraid to experiment with innovative ideas.

An excellent example that can confirm these words is the Gherkin.

Currently, with its 180 meters this is not the highest building, but definitely the most interesting structure in terms of its design in the British capital.

4. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona skyscrapers
As one of the most attractive for living and investment in the world, the skyline of the sunny Mediterranean city of Barcelona also began to grow rapidly.

Among all the tall buildings, which can be found within the city most distinguished are the towers of Torre Mapfe and Hotel Arts, which are also the tallest buildings in this magnificent city.

Both towers rise to a height of 154 meters next to the beach.

The most distinctive facade belongs to the 144 meters high Torre Agbar, which at first glance resembles the Gherkin, which adorns the British capital.

Torre Agbar is a masterpiece of glass and aluminium.

During the dark hours of the day the building is bathed in blue and red lights that are visible from afar.

Although these are the tallest buildings in the Catalan capital, you will also find numerous other skyscrapers that stand out of the city skyline, giving business and modern appearance to that an otherwise sunny and friendly face of Barcelona.

5. Benidorm, Spain

benidorm skyscrapers
When a person sees Benidorm at first probably will remains quite surprised.

The reason is that Benidorm is not exactly what one would expect to see when it comes to Mediterranean resorts.

Interestingly, the struggle for the most attractive sea view turn Benidorm into a real Mediterranean Manhattan.

Although the local height of skyscrapers can not be compared with the height of those you will find in the Big Apple, however, there are many buildings that inspire respect for their height.

One of the most impressive is 186 meters high tower of Grand Hotel Bali.

No less impressive is also the 158 meter high building of Torre Lugano.

One of the factors that makes Benidorm to look so impressive is that most of local skyscrapers are built in a very narrow but long coastal area and are very close to each other.

6. Paris, France

la defense paris
Once after the Montparnasse tower was built in Paris, it was decided to stop with high construction, because in Paris there are kilometers of tunnels and it is definitely not the best basis for the construction of skyscrapers.

It turned out however, that a city of such a great importance as the French capital really needs to has its own business center with skyscrapers, as it is no secret that Paris is in every respect one of the best cities in the world.

In this way was born the the business suburb of La Defense, which today is the financial heart of Paris.

Here you will find more skyscrapers than in any other city in Europe.

Today, the highest of all skyscrapers in Paris is the First Tower, which rises 231 meters in La Defense.

Other famous buildings around the world are the Montparnasse Tower, 210 meters high, La Grand Arc de la Defense, 110 meters high and the legendary Eiffel Tower, built in 1889, which with its 324 m is still the highest structure in the French capital.

7. Naples, Italy

naples skyscraper
In the Italian city of Naples you can find more skyscrapers than anywhere else in this sunny Mediterranean country.

The tallest building in the city is Telecom Italy Tower.

Covered with mirrored glass, the tower rises to a height of 129 meters.

It is important to have in mind the fact that Italy is located in a seismic zone and there are factors such as earthquakes, which are very limited natural causes against too high construction.

Otherwise, this did not prevent the formation of an impressive business center in Naples, which to some extent looks similar to cities like Los Angeles or Phoenix.

The reason lies in the way the surrounding subtropical landscape go with the typical modern urban architecture.

8. Moscow, Russia

moscow skyscrapers
There are few cities in the world who have undergone such a fundamental change after 1990 compared to the Russian capital Moscow.

From an ordinary Soviet city with gray and dull architecture, Moscow has become one of the most modern cities in Europe and the skyscrapers that rise in the west of the city are among the highest on the continent.

Moscow International Business Center is better known as the Moscow City.

It is the embodiment of the Russian wealth. The buildings are located next to the eponymous Moscow river.

The highest of all the skyscrapers in the city should be completed in 2011 and is called Mercury City Tower.

Once fully completed, the building will rises to about 380 meters.

306 meters above the streets of Moscow stands the tallest completed building in Moscow.

Skyscrapers in Moscow looks very modern and standing among them you can feel for a moment like you are in the Asian dragon of Singapore.

9. Madrid, Spain

torre europa madrid
Again in Spain is one of the other European cities with an impressive skyline.

This is the densely populated Spanish capital, where high-rise building has become a necessity long years ago.

Highest and most impressive are the skyscrapers of Quattro Torres Business Area.

It’s a complex of four towers, the tallest of which rises 250 m.

Among the most famous of the city are the twin towers of the Puerta de Europa.

The buildings impress with their design, which can not remain unnoticed.

While in Madrid there are many taller buildings, the 114 meter high towers of Puerta de Europa are built at an angle of 15°, which is quite interesting solution having in mind their height.

Both office buildings are covered with tinted windows and have 26 floors.

Torre Picasso and Torre de Madrid are also among the leaders of the Spanish capital in height respectively 156 and 142 meters.

10. Warsaw, Poland

warsaw skyscraper
One of the cities with the most skyscrapers in Eastern Europe is the Polish capital Warsaw, though in this respect remains behind other cities such as Istanbul and Moscow.

The highest building in the city is the Palace of Culture and Science.

231 m high building is different by modern skyscrapers, most likely because it was built back in 1955.

The skyscraper is multi functional and is used as a museum, office building, theatre, cinema and others.

Because of the decades which have left behind the Palace of Culture and Science, it looks like some hard and heavy, and could be called the Polish Empire State Building.

The second highest building in the Polish capital is the Warsaw Trade Tower.

The skyscraper impresses with its 208 m height and with the fact that because of its interesting architecture looks quite different from every angle you look at it.

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