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10 Best Countries to Campervan Travels

Have you ever thought for a long journey in a campervan?

For an adventure that will take you to unexpected and unseen places?

Indeed, to travel in a campervan sounds like a wonderful adventure and experience of a lifetime.

You will visit small towns and large cities, you will meet different people and cultures.

And all that without to leave the comfort of your own home!

1. The United States

monument valley usa
We are starting the list with the United States and this is not an accident.

This country will take you to places you have never even imagined.

Starting from the green and humid tropical South of Florida, crossing the desert of New Mexico and reaching the snowy mountains in Washington, America is a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

In addition, traveling across the country you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most modern and exciting cities in the world.

2. Greece

Though small in territory, Greece is a real treasure!

It offers so many things to see that you will need a very long time to see at least a small part of everything that’s worth.

Quiet and peaceful coves surrounded by olive groves, thousands of years old archeological sites, high mountains covered with dense forests, semi-arid landscapes.

All this is a guarantee that Greece is anything but boring and monotonous.

3. Spain

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Spain is among the most interesting and recommended countries in the world to travel in a campervan.

It offers a good quality infrastructure, and wherever you go there is something to see.

Paradise coastline, amazing cities, historical landmarks and lovely climate.

This is Spain.

From the emerald greenness of Costa Verde on the northern coast to the dry and hot Andalusia on the southern coast, Spain is considered to be the most charming country in Europe.

4. Australia

Wild, exciting, vast and yet startlingly modern, Australia is one of the best places in the world to explore in a campervan.

From the green and fresh east coast to the red heart of the continent, Australia is sufficiently diverse and unfamiliar to turn your trip into a real adventure.

Peaceful and safe, yet unknown and dangerous, Australia still offers thousands of places that a few travelers have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

5. Croatia

croatia dalmatian coast

The small country located on the Dalmatian coast of the Balkan Peninsula is a real piece of heaven.

If you have the good fortune to travel across the country in a campervan, you will understand why the Balkans are considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

From the amazing coast dotted by thousands of islands and bays to the thick and inaccessible forests and their breathtakingly beautiful lakes, Croatia today is the pearl of Southern Europe.

6. Canada

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Huge and vast, covered with dense pine and deciduous forests and countless lakes, Canada is one of the most exciting countries in the world with a very rich fauna.

Extending thousands of kilometers between the island of Newfoundland in the Atlantic and the picturesque fjord coast on the Pacific Ocean, this North American country will enchant you!

7. Argentina

Distant and unknown, Argentina, like Australia, is often called “The Land at the End of the World”.

Heading south through Patagonia, you will see landscapes that look like as they have come out from the fairy tales.

The endless grassy lands remind about ¨The Wizard of Oz¨.

The closer you are to Antarctica, the darker and greyer the sky is.

8. France

France is so rich in cultural attractions, castles, medieval villages with unparalleled spirit, romantic cities and expensive coastal and mountain resorts that even to visit this country a thousand times you will explore just a small part of its beauty and cultural wealth.

Therefore, traveling in a campervan is a good idea that will allow you to experience the greatest possible part of the beauty of the Mediterranean country.

9. Italy

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From the snowy Alps to the north, through the Italian Riviera and Tuscany and reaching to the hot south of Sicily and Calabria, Italy offers some of the most magnetic routes in the world.

There are many places that will captivate you and make you stop and spend some time there.

10. New Zealand

argentina nahuel huapi lake

As an out of this world land, New Zealand has always seemed somewhat mystical, magical and unrealistic.

In addition, it offers also another advantage to its visitors.

New Zealand is small enough to be explored with ease in a short period of time.

At the same time, you can boast that you have touched one of the most pristine and clean corners of our planet.