10 Best Places to Retire in the World 2019

top 10 places to retire

You have worked hard for years and finally the long-awaited moment to get well-deserved break after several decades of hard work has arrived.

And while some people associate retirement with the relentless passage of time, for others it is a long-awaited moment, because they will have enough time to engage in leisure.

This is the time to read all the interesting books you want, to meet with friends, to indulge in a wonderful hobby (for example gardening) or to take the trips that you’ve always dreamed about.

Once you’re retired you can change your life completely.

You can begin with moving into a new home and new country where you will enjoy a better climate and a different nature.

This is your chance to explore a new culture and enjoy a better standard of living.

Under normal circumstances, most retirees in the world live with not very large income.

Moving into a country with lower standard of living or lower prices is sometimes very good decision.

Let’s see what the ten best places to retire in the world are.

1. Costa Rica / Central America

top 10 places to retire
Stunning scenery, good prices, year-round warm climate and people from all around the world.

This is Costa Rica.

It is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world.

The people that live in this country have access to affordable and high-quality medical and dental care.

The cost of living is certainly much lower in comparison with Western Europe and North America.

If you come from the UK, for example, you will have a chance to keep a pretty good standard of living in this tropical country.

2. Bulgaria / Europe

If you don‘t like the tropics and are looking for something interesting within the borders of Europe, then Bulgaria is a pretty good alternative.

It is well-known as the cheapest and most affordable country in the European Union.

The locals are very hospitable and friendly.

The choice of cities and conditions is very large, depending on what you are looking for.

In Bulgaria you could settle down on the Black Sea coast or in any of the numerous small mountainous towns of the country.

Amazing pine forests, clean air and delicious Bulgarian yogurt will provide together good opportunities for a very pleasant and healthy lifestyle.

3. Thailand / Asia

Thailand offers rich and exotic nature.

The incomparable colors of this beautiful country are combined with low prices, friendly people and the most amazing variety of fruits in the world.

This Far Eastern country has already attracted thousands of Western Europeans who have chosen to spend their retirement years here.

Besides the numerous advantages, Thailand attracts older people also with its slow and relaxed pace of life.

4. Montenegro / Europe

Montenegro is very quiet and peaceful state on the southern Adriatic coast.

Prices in this country are very good and landscapes reminiscent of a small coastal Switzerland.

The country enjoys a wonderful climate, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere and devoid of stress lifestyle that will be good for elderly people who want to spend their old age in comfort.

5. Croatia / Europe

People say that Croatia offers the most beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean region, and the coast is preserved authentic and without overbuilding.

This country is a great place to spend your golden years, enjoying the mild climate, valuable architecture, lush vegetation and healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

Prices in Croatia are lower in comparison with Western Europe and you will therefore enjoy a higher living standard.

6. Panama / Central America

In recent years, Panama has become a popular destination for the so-called “snowbirds” from North America (people who spend the cold part of the year in the south to avoid freezing weather), but also for retirees from rich European countries and people who prefer to spend their free time after retirement in a warm and sunny place, settling permanently abroad.

With the rapid development of Panama, this country is becoming more and more attractive.

It offers gorgeous scenery, beautiful beaches and very low prices.

7. Spain / Europe

The Spanish region of Costa del Sol is known as one of the best places to buy a house for a very good price, not far from the Mediterranean Sea.

The weather in Costa del Sol is nice all year round.

The average high temperature in January is most often between 10 and 20°C.

In addition, you can familiarize yourself with a bunch of people like you – foreigners that come to spend their retirement years under the warm sunshine of southern Spain.

8. Greece / Europe

If you are looking for a calm and quiet place along the Mediterranean coast, the Greek islands may be exactly what you are dreaming about.

Greece is a country with good health care, but still the prices are lower than in Western Europe.

In this country you will have the opportunity to live your Mediterranean dream after retirement.

Your income will allow you to maintain very good standard of living.

You will enjoy all year round mild and sunny weather, wonderful Mediterranean cuisine and plenty of tranquility.

9. Mexico / North America

Mexico is a different country from what we used to see in the movies.

On the coast of the country there are wonderful towns and resorts.

They are the best destination if you are looking for an attractive place to spend your old age, enjoying a better climate and higher standard of living than in your own country.

The beaches are fascinating and the real estate prices are still not very high.

In Mexico you will find shiny weather, delicious food, holiday atmosphere and high level health care.

10. Brazil / South America

Brazil is a dynamically developing country, but still much cheaper than Western Europe or North America.

You can buy a brand new low cost home even in cities like Rio de Janeiro.

The weather is warm throughout the year and the vegetation is very lush.

Most people who have settled in Brazil after retirement say that the country itself really encourages elderly people to spend their retirement years there, especially if they are owner of a house or an apartment.