10 Best Places to Visit in the Fall

Autumn Sunset on a little Lake in Bavaria, Germany

The end of summer brings a certain amount of sadness, at least for most people.

They remember nostalgically for the past sunny and hot days at the beach, fiery sunsets, holiday mood in the company of cheerful friends and long night walks.

And while we suffer for what has passed, we usually miss one of the most beautiful seasons – autumn.

For a short period of time, nature changes everything beyond recognition, and bright shades of red, ocher, brown and gold blend into one another.

1. Rhode Island, USA

autumn ontario
It is said that Rhode Island is the place to offer the most beautiful autumn scenery in the world.

Every year for a short period of time this small American state is brimming with numerous nuances of red.

This unforgettable spectacle of colours takes place usually during the second half of October.

2. Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

One of the most beautiful mountains in Europe is enveloped in silence and mystery during the autumn months.

Gray autumn mist often creeps between the covered with golden vegetation rounded hills giving them a mysterious look.

The peak of the fall season in the Rhodopes is during the late October and early November.

3. Bavarian Forest, Germany

In October, especially during the second half of the month, the most beautiful forest in Europe looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

The weather is still mild and pleasant, and the vegetation acquires its typical for this time of year rusty colours.

The ground is covered with a soft carpet of leaves, and everywhere you can feel the fresh aroma of an autumn forest.

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4. Ontario, Canada

The autumn season in Ontario comes quickly and starts early.

Well before the end of September, the landscape becomes melancholical and sleepy, and the combination of golden hues and romantic pictures usually becomes more and more fascinating day by day until the middle of October.

This is a moment in which nature offers the greatest possible beauty before the fierce and harsh winter season.

5. Southern Island, New Zealand

Autumn Sunset on a little Lake in Bavaria, Germany
It is no secret that New Zealand possesses a magical beauty.

And although many of the plants on the island are evergreen, though there are many trees that are bathed in red and golden tones during the autumn season making the landscape just amazing.

In combination with the still mild and pleasant weather and really clean environment, New Zealand is one of the nicest places in the world to enjoy a quiet autumn holiday.

6. England, UK

England has always been known for its beautiful parks and gardens. In the autumn season they are bathed in bright rusty nuances, and the dark cloudy sky adds an extra feeling of sadness at this nostalgic but also very romantic picture.

7. Hokkaido, Japan

It is hard to imagine anything more beautiful than an autumn Japanese garden.

Not to mention the wild fall landscapes of Hokkaido that charm everyone who has had the good fortune to enjoy them.

Japan is an interesting and mysterious country all year round.

During the transitional seasons, however, there is something very special indeed.

8. Colorado, USA

Described as one of the most beautiful states in USA, Colorado possesses some mysterious magnetism during the autumn months.

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Its scenic mountain landscapes look even more attractive when delicate golden and crimson hues appear into the tree crowns while the highest rugged mountain peaks are already covered with white snow.

The golden foliage season begins in mid-September and reaches its height during the first half of October.

9. British Columbia, Canada

european autumn forest
One of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of Canada have to be visited during the autumn season.

From mid-September to mid-October, British Columbia is colored in dozens of warm tones, which remind for the last time that the warm summer season has already ended.

What’s more beautiful than a beautiful autumn day out by the sight of lovely crimson red and bright orange maple leaves?

10. Finland

Located in the far north of Europe, Finland acquires its golden hues in September.

Days and even weeks before the astronomical beginning of autumn, the wild and untouched broad leaf forests of Finland already change their colours from yellow to red and brown.


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