10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2019

top ten most dangerous places

Almost everyone loves to travel, but there are some places in the world where even the greatest adventurers would fear to go.

In this list, we have selected ten of the most dangerous spots on the planet.

Whether these are really the most dangerous places or not, and which one of them is the most dangerous, we will leave you to judge for yourself.

1. Tora Bora, Afghanistan

top ten most dangerous places
Tora Bora is considered the most dangerous place on the planet.

It remains very far away from the laws and justice of the civilized world.

Terrorism and lawlessness flourish unpenalized turning Tora Bora into a Hell on Earth.

Tora Bora is located in eastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border, between Kabul and Peshawar.

Because of its inaccessibility, Tora Bora is often described as a mountain stronghold of the Taliban.

2. Waziristan, Pakistan

Located in the northern part of Pakistan, the region of Waziristan is one of the most conservative and isolated in the world.

Waziristan is a land with its own rules and laws, and this is what makes it so dangerous.

Like other places, such as Tora Bora for example, Waziristan is considered one of the “nests” of terrorism in the world.

3. Kandahar, Afghanistan

Despite the long-term Western military presence, the situation in Kandahar remains very complicated and unstable.

The city is considered to be among the most dangerous spots on the planet, even more risky than the cities of Kabul, Mosul and Baghdad.

It is located in the southern part of probably the most dangerous country in the world – Afghanistan.

4. Peshawar, Pakistan

Located in the north of Pakistan, not far from the border of Afghanistan, Peshawar is considered to be one of the most dangerous places on earth.

This is a land of terrorism, and it doesn’t differs significantly from the region of Waziristan, also located in Pakistan.

5. Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan capital Kabul is considered the most dangerous capital in the world together with other capital cities such as Mogadishu and Baghdad.

Uncertainty and fear can be felt in the air, and the situation is highly unstable.

Explosions and other forms of terrorism are still part of everyday life in the city.

6. Mosul, Iraq

Mosul is considered the most dangerous city in Iraq and more risky even in comparison with the capital Baghdad.

If you are Christian, Mosul will looks like a Hell on Earth for you. Here the threat of terrorism is an integral part of everyday life.

7. Baghdad, Iraq

Formerly a magical city of tales, Baghdad today is a place where you wouldn’t want to go.

Today the capital of Iraq is rightly considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.

The risk of terrorism in Baghdad is still extremely high and most governments around the world appeal against any visits in the city, unless it is absolutely necessary.

8. Mogadishu, Somalia

Somalia is a country without laws, and the capital Mogadishu is a reflection of everything that happens.

Today Mogadishu is a land of impunity, anarchy and confusion.

Everyone does what he wants and this creates very volatile and risky environment.

Among other things, Mogadishu can be described as the poorest capital on the planet.

9. The Gulf of Aden, Somalia

Considered one of the most risky sea routes on the planet, the Gulf of Aden is too dangerous to be missed in this article.

The pirates that roam around the Gulf of Aden are a major threat to the vessels passing through the region.

The world has repeatedly witnessed the kidnapping of vessels in this area.

10.San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Though seemingly sunny, exotic and colorful, the city of San Pedro Sula is considered the most dangerous in Latin America.

Although the region as a whole has always been considered risky, the crime rate here is unimaginably high.

Homicide rate per capita in San Pedro Sula is among the highest in the civilized world.