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20 Largest Cities in the World 2019

This list is about the 20 cities with largest population in the world.

The cities are on the territory of 5 continents (Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa) and 14 countries.

1. Tokyo / Japan

Tokyo the city of the future
With its population of 30 000 000 people, the capital of Japan is the biggest city in the world today.

It is clean, tidy, beautiful and of course, modern.

The criminality in Tokyo is insignificant.

Many cities in the world are smaller, but much more dangerous.

Today the citizens of Tokyo are considered to be the most stylish people in the world.

It is one of the three most important financial centers in the planet, together by London and New York.

2. New York / USA

new york skyline
The second largest city in the world is New York.

The population of the big apple is more than 21 200 000 people.

This is the world financial capital.

It is a symbol of the American dream.

There is no another city which has served as a décor of so many films, music videos and commercials.

New York is the city that never sleeps.

On the streets of New York there are crowds of people even in the wee hours of the morning.

On the streets you can here hundreds of languages, although English is official.

3. Mexico City / Mexico

mexico city
Not long ago, Mexico City was the biggest city in the world.

As a result of congestion and reduced quality of the air, Mexico City markedly steady its pace of growth of the population, as a difference of some other fast growing Mexican cities.

Today the capital of Mexico is home to 21 000 000 people.

It offer great opportunities for business and nice weather all year around.

4. Sao Paolo / Brazil

sao paulo brazil
This is the biggest city in South America.

It has population of 17 900 000 people.

It is not only the most populated, but also the most important financial center on the continent.

It is situated on wide plateau in the southern part of the country.

The streets of Sao Paolo are legendary with their traffic jams.

Because of this reason the well-off citizens prefer to travel by helicopter because to avoid the traffic jams.

The biggest part of the skyscrapers are constructed to have a landing place on the roof.

5. Los Angeles / USA

With its population of 16 400 000 people LA is the second largest city in the United States and the fifth biggest city in the world.

It is composed of about 20 individual cities, which play the role of quarters.

Some of them like Hollywood, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Beverly Hills, Malibu and so on are actually cities, but no quarters.

Except with its great number of inhabitants, Los Angeles is famous as the city with the biggest territory in the world.

This colossal metropolis stretches of more than 200 km on the coast of Southern California.

6. Shanghai / China

Shanghai China
Today this is not only the sixth biggest city in the world, but also the fastest growing city in China.

It has population of more than 14 350 000 people and today this is the biggest economic center in the country, even more important than Hong Kong.

The city architecture is stunning.

The skyline of the city is impressive.

Many of the skyscrapers win the battle with the gravitation and reach to incredible heights.

The pollution is the biggest problem of this beautiful city.

The air is saturated with harmful gases from the millions cars that run every day on the streets of Shanghai.

7. Mumbai / India

With its population of 14 300 000 people, Mumbai is the biggest city in India.

It is situated on the west coast of the country, on the Indian Ocean.

The architecture of the city is impressive.

Today Mumbai is considered to be one of the most populous cities in the world.

This modern metropolis is the financial heart of India.

Here are located branches of almost every international companies.

This fast growing city offer high skilled workers for every sector of the economy as well as great consumer demand.

Because of these reasons Mumbai is one of the most sought after cities for investment in the world.

8. Seoul / South Korea

Seoul South Korea
Home to 14 250 000 people, the capital of South Korea is one of the fastest growing cities on the planet.

Besides to the multi million investments, it attracts many young people from all over the world and all parts of the country, who seek opportunities for business and well-paid job.

Adding to the traditions of local residents to have a large number of children, than the average for the high developed countries, it is no wonder that this city is among the most populated on the planet.

9. Osaka / Japan

Osaka Japan
Besides being the second most important financial center in Japan, Osaka is also the second biggest city in the country.

It has population of about 14 200 000 people. It posses perfect infrastructure.

Can be seen many skyscrapers, but is not recommended to have too high buildings, because this city is located in the most seismic area on the planet Earth.

Everybody who have the chance to visit Osaka, will be delighted by the incredible order in every part of the everyday life.

The streets seems even too clean.

And what could we say about the traffic on the street?

Even on the overload highways you can feel the discipline, typical for the Japanese.

This is a rare phenomenon for one so huge city as Osaka.

10. London / UK

skyscrapers of london
The British capital London is already the biggest financial center in the world, getting ahead of New York over the last few years.

This cosmopolitan city is home to 14 000 000 people.

If it is still second in terms of ethnic diversity after New York, it is just a question of time to pick up the American metropolis.

In the last few years London is maybe the most attractive place for living, working and studying in the world.

With the huge opportunities it offers, the city attracts immigrants from all over the world.

11. Lagos / Nigeria

The formal capital of Nigeria – Lagos – has a population of around 13 500 000 people.

In the financial part of the city as well as in the few expensive quarters, the streets are clean and tidy, the buildings are impressive and remain to the structures in America and Europe, but as a whole the biggest part of Lagos is built-up by poor and dirty neighborhoods, with muddy and unclean streets, where in many cases can be seen stray dogs and farm animals.

The life standard is very low, and the biggest part of the population lives in very hard conditions and extreme poverty.

12. Calcutta / India

Calcutta India
With its population of 12 900 000 people, Calcutta is the capital of the state West Bengal.

This is also the second largest city in India.

The population of the city is increasing with stunning speed.

The estimates are that in the next decade the city will climb even higher in this ranking.

The situated on the river Gang city, stuns with the contrast between the amazing palaces covered by gold and the poor structures of the local residents, built by materials at hand.

The population is often in direct contact with the contaminated and polluted waters of the river.

13. Buenos Aires / Argentina

Buenos Aires
With  its population of 12 500 000 people, was the most populated city in South America, but in the 90es years of the 20th century, the huge megalopolises of the faster growing Brazil outstrip this city significantly.

They call it “The Latin American Paris” because of its refined architecture.

In the central parts of Buenos Aires you can see some of the most shiny and expensive boutiques of the continent.

In translation Buenos Aires means good air.

But this name has been given to the city before the times in which millions of cars moving along its streets every day.

14. Paris / France

Paris from above
With its population of 12 100 000 inhabitants, the capital of France is the second largest city in Europe.

The metropolis is home to people from all over the world who have come here to find better living conditions.

This strongly contribute to its cosmopolitan spirit.

The residents of the French capital pretend to be the most elegant and well dressed, despite in the last few years the citizens of Tokyo, London, New York, Milan and Moscow are not back in the ranking.

15. Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Rio de Janeiro copacabana beach
Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil and the 15th largest city in the world.

It has population of around 12 000 000 people.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

It posses incredible natural beauties.

Except with its picturesque occupation on the coast of the bay Guanabara, Rio is world famous with its social contrasts.

Only one kilometer away from the stunning beauty of Ipanema and five kilometers from the legendary Copacabana is situated the biggest favela in South America – Favela Rosina, which is world famous with its poverty and terrible living conditions.

16. Karachi / Pakistan

The biggest city of Pakistan is Karachi.

The population of the city reach 11 900 000.

It is situated not far from the north tropical circle, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, in the north-west of the mouth of river Ind.

Except the biggest, Karachi is also the most dynamic financial center of the country.

This is very important regional educational and cultural center.

The international companies have discovered the enormous potential of Karachi and it was not spared from the modernization of the 21-th century.

Today in the down town of Karachi can be seen impressive skyscrapers with modernistic architecture.

17. Delhi / India

the chaos of delhi
With a population of 11 700 000 people, the capital of India – Delhi – is one of the biggest cities in the world.

This is one very beautiful and rich city, where the tourists who visit it can enjoy to the local Indian culture in combination with the modern western architecture.

The city enjoy to many green parks and gardens, as well as pleasant shady streets with a lot of trees.

About 170 km away from the Indian capital is located one of the biggest attractions in the world – the Taj Mahal temple, which has become a symbol of love all around the world.

18. Manila / Philippines

Beautiful church Manila Phillipines
Manila is a city with population of around 11 500 000 people.

It is very beautiful, charming and exotic, because of the lush greenness on the streets and city parks.

This is the biggest city in south-east Asia.

The skyline of Manila is impressive.

In the down town you can see a lot of high and modern skyscrapers.

In fact, the skyline of Manila is even more impressive then the silhouette of Los Angeles, Frankfurt, London and so on that are proud with their skyscrapers.

Otherwise, despite the exotic occupation the city has not beautiful beaches.

Just the contrary.

The cost of the city is commercialized and industrialized.

19. Istanbul / Turkey

Bosphorus Istanbul
Situated on the coast of the Bosporus, on the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey.

It has 11 000 000 inhabitants.

Through the centuries, the trade has flourished in the city.

For millions of people from all over the world, Istanbul has been one of the most important economic centers in the world.

Today the city has lost a part of its importance, but yet it is the biggest economic center in the southwestern Asia.

Istanbul is a crossroads of two absolutely different cultures – the European and the Asian.

The biggest landmark of this world metropolis are the bridges that cross the Bosporus and connect Europe and Asia.

20. Beijing / China

The Chinese capital Beijing is the last city in the ranking of the 20 most populated cities in the world.

Home to 10 900 000 people, this is a place where one can see many things.

One of the biggest attractions of Beijing is the Forbidden City.

The complex is 1 km in length and 500 meters of width.

This is the imperial palace used as such from the Ming Dynasty to the Tsin Dynasty.

Today is a museum that often has used for governmental ceremonies.

Another outstanding landmark of Beijing is located near by the city Great Wall of China.

This is the only man made work that can be seen from the space.