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10 Best Places for Cycling Holidays

Cycling is becoming a widely popular alternative for lovers of travelling.

On the one hand it is good for health, and on the other hand is much more economical because cyclists rely on their own strength.

Every year the number of people who choose to spend their holidays on the bicycle increases.

Of course, the choice of locations is also virtually endless.

You could ride a bike almost anywhere.

However, we would like to offer you several unique places that will not disappoint you.

1. South Island, New Zealand

best biking places
It is no surprise that New Zealand is the first spot to mention in this list.

Its pristine landscapes and cool ocean breezes will be your faithful companions while touring around the South Island on your bike.

Undoubtedly, summer is the best choice.

The rest of the year is too rainy, and this can fail your plans to spend long hours on the bicycle.

One of the biggest advantages is that in New Zealand there are no large predators such as big cats, bears or wolves, so be brave, go ahead and enjoy the best holidays in your life.

Best month – February

Terrain – diverse (flat, hilly, mountainous)

2. The Netherlands

The Netherlands seems to be the perfect place to ride a bicycle.

The flat terrain makes cycling easy and comfortable.

Beautiful historic settlements suddenly appear out from nowhere one after another.

While traveling through the quiet rural areas, you will enjoy a lot of greenery, beautiful windmills and vast areas covered with colorful tulips.

Best month – July

Terrain – flat

3. La Palma, Canary Islands

biking in southern france
A bicycle tour through the pristine wild nature of La Palma will recharge your battery with positive energy.

The main disadvantage of this location is that most of the roads and forest trails are very steep and will make you sweat.

However, the air is cleaner than you can imagine, and the scenery will take you back millions of years.

Best month – June

Terrain – mostly mountains

4. Zealand, Denmark

Flat and green landscapes and vast fields full of flowers dominate the landscape of Zealand in summer.

The fresh and cool weather in this part of Europe will make the long hours spent on the bike pleasant and less exhausting experience.

One of the advantages of traveling by bicycle is the close contact with nature.

The small rural villages will enchant you with the beauty of their emerald surroundings.

Best month – July

Terrain – flat

5. Tuscany, Italy

biking the netherlands
The pearl of Italy, Tuscany, is one of the most interesting places to bike ride in the world.

Just select the route that most closely matches with your conception for the perfect holidays and grab your bike.

And while enjoying the provincial beauty of Tuscany, do not forget to savor one of the most cultured cities in the world – Florence.

Best month – May

Terrain – hilly and flat

6. Provence, France

A bicycle tour through the wonderful landscapes of Provence is a pleasure for the senses and an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

The great wealth of flavors and colors inspires artists, poets and musicians.

However, even if you are not an art person, you will be fascinated by the heady relaxing atmosphere of Provence.

While cycling through its gorgeous pastoral landscapes and small Provencal villages, if you are lucky, you will come across one of those small suburban unforgettable restaurants every traveler in France talks about.

Best month – May

Terrain – hilly and flat

7. Northern Ireland, UK

Pienza - View from City Wall
Start your bike trip from the fabulous Belfast, and if you have enough time, energy, motivation and money, you could tour around the whole of Northern Ireland.

This is something worth seeing and experiencing! Two things will impress you particularly.

First, this is probably the greenest place you’ve ever seen, and second, you will see how beautiful the gray Irish weather could be, especially if you stop for a moment near one of those steep Irish cliffs to enjoy the lead-gray and rough ocean.

Best month – July

Terrain – flat and hilly

8. California, USA

biking in denmark
California is without doubt one of the best places for bicycling in the world. It is among the most interesting parts of America, and it enjoys very good weather in the most part of the year.

Cycling across California from north to south, you will see the great contrast between the landscape in Crescent City, in the cool and green north of the state, and the endless golden sandy beaches of the warm and sunny south of San Diego.

Best month – September

Terrain – diverse (flat, hilly, mountainous)

9. Corfu, Greece

tuscany italy
Corfu is generally excellent place for tourism. Exciting itineraries and environmentally friendly trails criss-cross the island.

Yes, the relief is much more difficult in comparison with Denmark, and there are some quite steep sections, but the experience is worth it.

And once you are tired of pedaling, you can just bathe into the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Best month – May

Terrain – hilly and mountainous

10. Tasmania, Australia

provence france
Are you looking for a distant, exciting and ecologically clean place for cycling?

If yes, then one of the best destinations for you is the Australian island of Tasmania.

You think this spot is too remote? And what could be more wonderful than that?

Best month – January

Terrain – various types (flat, hilly and mountainous)