5 Most Populous Countries in Europe

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This list shows which are the most populated countries in Europe.

The most interesting is that in recent years the difference in population between France, Britain and Italy is almost completely melted.

As a whole most of these countries are characterized by low birth rates, ageing population and large number of emigrants.

1. Russia

The European country with the largest population is Russia.

Its inhabitants are approximately 142 million.

This is not surprising, because we’re talking about the largest country in the world.

Ethnic diversity is immense.

Yet we must not forget that the majority of the population of this otherwise European country live on the territory of Asia.

2. Germany

The second most populated European country is Germany.

It is also the most populous country in the European Union.

Today it has a population of around 82 million inhabitants.

Despite the low birth rate, the population of the German country does not decrease because of the influx of foreign immigrants.

3. France

The third most populated country on the continent and second in the European Union is France.

It is home to nearly 63 million inhabitants.

Moreover, the capital Paris is among the largest cities in the world.

France is home to many immigrants from Africa as the country was in possession of numerous colonies on the continent.

4. Britain

buckingham palace, london
Britain is the fourth most populous country in Europe and third in the European Union.

The population of the country is about 62 million inhabitants.

Here we should note that the interest of foreigners to the island is extremely high.

As a result, London has become the largest city in Europe and the city with the most diverse populations in the world after New York.

5. Italy

The Italian population is over 60.6 million people.

This is the fifth most populated country on the continent and the fourth in the EU.

Italy, like other Western European countries maintain the number of its population through the flow of immigrants.

Europe as a whole suffers from ageing and Italy is no an exception.