10 Places with Best Weather in the World

gran canaria beach canary islands

Some prefer hot weather, others have a preference for cooler climates.

Indeed, the best climate must be that is most tolerated by the body all over the year and does not need any major adjustments to extreme temperatures.

The best climate should not be also too wet or too cool or warm.

The place must be comparatively protected from extreme weather conditions such as regular floods, hurricanes, heat, blizzards and more.

We should also be objective.

Places that the travel magazines describe as paradises, are really incredibly beautiful, but very often there is a too hot or humid climate.

We have tried to select sites that have the most healthful and bearable climate.

Very often when we talk about the best climate everyone thinks first of the Caribbean.

Yes, there is really wonderful weather, but half of the year is too rainy and the region is often a victim of hurricanes.

One vacation in the Caribbean during the rainy season can be strongly affected by the rains and tropical storms.

Generally, not always the most popular tourist destinations have the best weather conditions.

Perhaps you have noticed that most of the places in this article are either extremely densely populated or popular tourist destinations.

And this is not wondering, because the weather is of paramount importance for everybody.

Probably you will notice that almost all of the places that claim to have the most pleasant climate are near of a sea or an ocean.

This is no accident.

Around large pools weather is usually mild and most bearable.

1. Canary Islands (Spain)

gran canaria beach canary islands
Located near the shores of Africa, the Canary Islands are Spanish territory.

They enjoy perhaps the best climate that you can imagine.

There is summer 12 months in the year, or rather an eternal spring.

Usually sites that are located south of 30th parallel suffer because of quite hot tropical climate, but these islands are an exception.

The cold Canary stream that passes over the islands makes the climate to be cool as the ocean temperature is in the range 19-25 degrees throughout the year.

This prevents the air temperature to become too high or low.

In summer daytime temperatures are about 26°C and in winter are around 21.

The weather is very easily tolerated by even the most discerning people.

The weather is comparatively dry and the chance to get on rainy weather is insignificant.

An exception is the northern part of Tenerife, which gets very heavy rainfall and rainy days sometimes can reach even 15 per month.

Hurricanes are missing because they are formed in warm ocean waters, but the temperatures of the sea waters here are moderate.

Annual temperature amplitudes are quite small, the islands do not know nor cold nor hot.

And in addition it is good to know that the Canary Islands are among the places with the cleanest air and low dust on the planet.

2. Mombasa, (Kenya)

mombasa kenya
Located near the equator, the second largest city in Kenya and adjacent resorts enjoy a wonderful climate throughout the year.

Here from January to December is always around 25 – 30°C.

Neither more nor less.

There is almost always variable cloudiness, which reminds you that you are at the equator and should always be ready for light rain.

Light clouds make the weather to feel like a little cooler – about 24 – 26°C throughout the year.

As we know, the sun is precisely what makes the heat difficult to bear.

In addition around the equator almost never is windy.

In general the conditions are ideal for tourism and recreation throughout the year.

3. Hawaii Islands (USA)

waterfall hawaii usa
Hawaii is the sunniest and warmest American state, but without extremely high summer temperatures.

There is no rainy season, no hurricanes and no in general adverse weather conditions.

Dust in Hawaii is very low, similar to the Canary Islands.

For mild climate contribute mainly that the islands are located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

This justifies the glory of Hawaii as one of the best tourist destinations.

Temperatures here range from 26 to 30°C throughout the year.

In winter precipitation increase slightly, but overall throughout the year are average.

4. Costa Rica

costa rica beautiful beach
Like Kenya, Costa Rica also has a very nice warm subequatorial climate.

Temperatures are constant – throughout the year are between 24 and 26°C making the country extremely popular for those seeking tropical paradise for buying property.

The climate is humid, but usually the rainfalls are short.

Practical rarely occur days to no sun. You will feel the weather very comfortable without to be very warm or cold.

5. Galapagos Islands

galapagos and its great weather
Located around the equator among the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands enjoy a magnificent equatorial climate.

Temperatures range from 21 to 28°C. Usually the weather is relatively dry.

The first six months of the year are warm and slightly moist.

Beautiful weather is one of the reasons for which here flourished exceptional animal and plant world.

The climate of the Galapagos is easy bearable from tourists, since there are no extreme temperatures. Moreover, there are no hurricanes and Pacific waters are with very pleasant moderate temperatures.

6. Bermuda Islands

bermuda enjoy great weather
Bermuda Islands are one of the places in the world with best climate.

The islands are located in the subtropics, but there is mild and not very hot tropical climate.

The reason lies in the warm Gulf stream, which carries warm water all the way to Europe.

Temperatures here range from 21°C in January to 30°C in August.

The ocean acts as a natural air conditioner and maintain the degrees very pleasant.

7. Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico City is a capital with cool tropical mountain climate.

High altitude rescue the city from intolerable typical tropical heat.

Temperatures here range from 21 to no more than 27°C with rainy weather during the summer months.

The warmest month is May, and the cold is December.

Mild climate is one of the reasons for the huge population of the Mexican capital.

8. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

great climate sao paulo
Brazil’s largest city is located in the tropics of South America.

It is situated on a high plateau, not far from the shore of the ocean.

While Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are situated at almost the same latitude, Sao Paulo has much cooler and light climate.

Temperatures here range from 22 to 27°C throughout the year.

Like Mexico City, Sao Paulo also awes its large population to its mild climate.

9. Costa del Sol (Spain)

january in costa del sol spain
South coast of Spain is a popular wintering spot for millions of Europeans, and people coming from cooler countries worldwide.

Mediterranean coast of Andalusia is the warmest and sunny location in Europe (with the exception of Canary Islands).

Unlike the Caribbean, here is a short winter, but really 2-3 months with daytime temperatures around 17-18 degrees is advisable in comparison with 6-month rainy season.

Mediterranean Sea has a strong influence and maintain a pleasant and healthy temperature throughout the year.

Even some scientists consider that on the coast of Costa del Sol has some kind of tropical micro climate, because of the abnormally high temperatures for Europe.

Summers are quite warm with temperatures around 29°C.

The climate is generally quite dry and the sun is abundant in all 12 months a year.

10. San Diego (USA)

san diego and its sunny weather
The southern-most of all South Pacific U.S. cities – San Diego has a great climate, formed under the influence of the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean.

Cold streams, which pass around California make the summers to be nice with no major heat.

At the same time the constant temperature of the ocean maintains relatively high winter temperatures.

Degrees in the city range from 19 to 25 and the weather is sunny and dry throughout the year.

The local climate striking reminds of the climate in southern Spanish province of Andalusia.

The pleasant climate of San Diego has been mentioned repeatedly in many Hollywood production and it is also the reason because of which many rich Americans live here.