Best Canary Island to Visit

tenerife best canary island

You have decided to spend more time in the Canary Islands or to move there permanently?

Then you probably want to know which is the best of all the Canary Islands.

When it comes to anything longer than a short break, you have to be careful and to weigh the pros and cons of your choice.

Although individual preferences vary widely from person to person, there are still factors that can not be ignored.

Infrastructure, education, healthcare, real estate market, prices of goods and services, business and entertainment, transport accessibility, internet access, etc. are all very important to modern life.

We do not need to do a serious analysis to distinguish two of the islands – Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Both places are very well developed and offer all the needed modern extras and facilities.

They are sufficiently cosmopolitan and home to people from all over the world, so you will hardly feel like a foreigner as there are thousands of other people like you.

As for the other islands, they are just amazing, but much more deserted and isolated.

Is Tenerife the best Canary Island?

If “the best” means the most diverse, yes, it’s.

Here are a few reasons:

1. Tenerife is the largest

tenerife best canary island
Often when one lives on an island, at one point appears the desire to jump in the car and just drive away from the place of living.

If you choose to settle down in Tenerife, you can spend a day driving around the island without to see even a small part of what it offers.

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2. Tenerife is the most cosmopolitan island

Though Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is considered the most cosmopolitan city in the archipelago, Tenerife is generally more crowded and is home to a larger number of foreigners.

They show a serious interest in Tenerife’s real estate market even when it comes to the most remote and detached villages.

The multicultural and modern environment makes young people feel good in Tenerife.

3. The climate is varied

The windward northern coast of Tenerife is one of the coolest places in the archipelago.

Winters are similar to these along the Mediterranean coast, just a little bit milder.

The south, however, is quite different, warm and dry.

Just for comparison, the average daytime temperature in January is around 16-18°C along the northern coast and around 21°C in the south.

4. Rich landscape

los gigantes tenerife
Steep and rocky coasts, black and white beaches, deciduous and coniferous forests, rainforests, snowy mountains, semi-arid areas, extensive tropical fruit plantations and strange rock formations – all these beautiful landscapes are located only a few kilometers of each other.

Not only in the Canary Islands but in the world as a whole, there are few places to offer such a great variety in so small area.

5. Entertainment is everywhere

Whether the countless pubs, well known attractions such as Loro Park in Puerto de La Cruz or the exciting nightlife of the island, Tenerife is great and offers something for everyone.

6. Development

Tenerife is considered to be the largest economic center on the Canary Islands.

It may not sound like a typical description of a tourist paradise, but this is one of the important facts if you are planning to settle down on the island.

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