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Best Place to Visit in Europe in Summer

Greece is a paradise for tourists.

The small Mediterranean country, which is located in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, is considered the best summer destination in the world.

Indeed, it covers absolutely all the necessary criteria to offer its visitors the ideal conditions for a perfect summer holiday.

What makes Greece the Best Place to Spend a Great Holiday?

1. Great Weather

santorini white town
Greece has an ideal subtropical climate – long, hot and dry summers, short, mild and wet winters and short transitional seasons.

To the south the beaches are crowded with tourists from April to November, and from May to October to the north.

The sunshine is in abundance, and the pleasant cooling sea breeze reduces the heat.

Winter comes only to bring a breath of fresh air to the exhausted plants and then goes away as quickly as it came.

2. Beautiful Nature

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Greek boasts breathtakingly beautiful beaches.

They offer white sand, crystal clear sea waters and excellent opportunities for diving and other water sports.

The hundreds of islands scattered throughout the Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian Sea are simply out of this world and act as a magnet for tourists.

The evergreen vegetation (palms, citrus trees, olives) creates a wonderful atmosphere, especially for tourists who come from northern countries.

3. Rich Culture

This is one of the countries with the oldest culture and richest history in the world.

It would be an amazing experience for everybody to see the Cradle of Western Civilization.

Few places in the world can compare with the Mediterranean country when it comes to history.

It is important to say that while in Greece there were ancient cities with modern democratic system of government, many other parts of Europe were still unsettled and wild.

In addition we have to say that the Greeks have successfully intertwined the culture of their country into the tourist industry.

What can we say about the exciting nights with Greek music and dances under the open sky that many restaurants offer?

4. Amazing Cuisine

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The national cuisine of Greece is one of the most delicious and no doubt the most healthy in the world.

The amazing culinary wealth of the country is so vast that it would actually take years to get to know the cuisine really well.

Olives, olive oil, citruses, wine, cheese – this is just a small part of the high quality Greek products you have to try while in the country.

The traditional cuisine of Greece is considered to be one of the secrets of longevity of the local residents.

5. Safety

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Since many people feel a little scared and insecure when traveling abroad, the feeling of safety and tranquility that Greece offers has always acted as a magnet for tourists.

The country enjoys a very low crime rates, and this allows tourists, especially in resort towns on the Greek Islands, to walk undisturbed until late in the evening.

Most of the shops and restaurants work until after midnight, and the locals are well-intentioned and friendly.