What is the Coldest Place in the World?

siberia the coldest place in the world

Have you ever wondered what is the coldest place in the world?

In fact, probably everyone knows that ice continent of Antarctica is the coldest and is unrivaled when it comes to subzero temperatures.

But what is the coldest inhabited place in the world?

The coldest place outside Antarctica?

Well, very simple.

Everyone at least has heard about the legendary cold that swoop the largest country in the world – Russia – every winter.

siberia the coldest place in the world

Even in “hot” cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg in January and February thermometers sometimes show 2-3 tenths below freezing.

And this is just nothing.

If you wish to see the real frosts you have to look outside Europe – within the Asian continent.

In the vicinity of Oymyakon, Yakutia was measured the lowest temperature of our planet outside of Antarctica (-71.2) °C.

Oymyakon is considered to be a pole of cold in the northern hemisphere.

In the far east of Siberia, about 450 km from the shores of the Okhotsk Sea and hundreds of miles from major cities in the heart of the Republic of Yakutia there is a small village named Oymyakon.

There are about 500 people who have adapted to some of the most extreme living conditions that one could imagine.

In fact, most people in the world probably never in their life are dressed and have not even seen so thick and warm clothes as the locals wear in winter here.

Even more difficult is the life of local residents because of the fact that they remain quite far from the civilization of the optional extras and amenities that benefit residents of modern cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

For example, in Oymyakon most people use an outside toilet, which at (-40) °C is a real challenge.

Most people have in the outer toilet a cauldron with water below which burns low fire.

This makes the temperature a little more bearable and the outer structure – usable.

Oymyakon is also known by the fact that here the vehicles which must always be available have to be kept in well-heated garage in winter or if they are not – the engine should be regularly turned on, otherwise the vehicle will freeze and will not can be used while the weather is cold.

The climate in Oymyakon is very harsh subarctic (sub polar).

After the brief but mild summer, which lasts from June to August and locals enjoy almost nonstop sun shining and temperatures between 18 and 23°C, in September temperatures start to fall very fast.

The weather starts cooling, and nature is prepares for the cold and long winter.

It begins in October.

At the beginning the cold weather is relatively bearable.

Usually during the day the temperatures are around (-10) °C.

A month later, even (-30) °C are considered to be warm and the icing on the cake are December and January, when daytime temperatures are usually below (-42) °C even during the day.

Although during those months, when lasts the polar night and when the daylight appears only for 3-4 hours a day the differences between day and night are not very large.

The first whiff of spring is felt in May, when daily temperatures rise above zero and reach 5 – 10°C.