What is the Most American City in Europe?

frankfurt germany

To one degree or another, many cities in Europe resemble cities in the United States.

However, both societies, despite some obvious differences, are very much alike.

What makes them different is that in most cases the cities in Europe are very old, in some cases more than 1000 years, while the oldest one in the United States was founded only about four and a half centuries ago.

Although most of them are quite old, there are some pretty modern-looking European cities that do not differ a lot from the modern megalopolises on the other side of the Atlantic.

frankfurt germany

The most American-looking city in Europe today is Frankfurt in the region of Hesse in Germany.

During World War II, the city suffered very severe damages, and large parts were completely destroyed.

Therefore, today in Frankfurt there is a relatively small number of old buildings in comparison with other places in Germany.

frankfurt american style

Its skyline is dominated by buildings with distinctive contemporary look as well as ultra modern skyscrapers, which host mainly banks and other financial institutions.

This makes Frankfurt quite different from the traditional cities that we used to see in Europe.

frankfurt hesse

The fact that the residents of Frankfurt call the financial heart of the city Mainhattan talks clearly about the similarity between Frankfurt and the cities located across the Atlantic.

The name derives from Manhattan, the world famous American neighborhood in New York, known for its huge number of high skyscrapers.