10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

sydney opera house and the skyline of the city

After the last study of Tourist Maker indicating that Mediterranean is the most attractive place for a holiday in the world, Europe is now again took the championship palm of what is the most beautiful city.

To the question: What do you think is the most beautiful city in the world?, over one quarter of the respondents, or 25.5% say that the most beautiful city is the French capital – Paris.

1. Paris, France

eiffel tower paris
And really can not be denied that Paris is a center of great culture.

Museums, art galleries, numerous architectural monuments, parks and gardens, wide boulevards, fine boutiques and countless street‘s cafes and restaurants are combined in a way that has the ability to enchant you with its charm.

2. Roma, Italy

the colisee roma
Interesting is the fact that the city, which occupies the honorary second place has 13 percent support from the respondents, which means that it has collected approximately two times less votes than Paris.

This is Rome.

Although does not collected the most votes, for 13% of the respondents it is the most beautiful city in the world.

It is absolutely senseless to be convinced someone that this is a true.

Let’s not forget that Rome was the center of the Roman Empire and from here has been ruled the world.

The greatness of Rome can be felt at every step, because of its splendid architecture.

Preserved architectural monuments like the Coliseum today, make the visitors to the Italian capital to fill up with delight and respect, when they walk through the city‘s streets.

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

st petersburg russia
The third place is again „in the hands“ of European city, but this time not capital, but the second largest Russian city – St. Petersburg. It is often called from the local residents “Petera“.

This is the third most beautiful city in the world, which has received support from 11.3% of the respondents.

They call it “the Venice of the North” because for its beautiful canals, which are part of the large Russian river – Neva.

The estuary of the river here flows its waters into the Baltic Sea.

One of the emblems of the city is the Hermitage – the largest museum in Russia and one of the largest on the planet.

4. New York, USA

new york USA
Fourth in the rankings for the first time is not European city – it is the largest metropolis of the United States – New York.

With its multi million population and real canyon of skyscrapers, the raw beauty of the city was captured 10% of the respondents.

Its symbol – the skyscrapers – make the city to looks like some dangerous, raw, rough, but also subtle, sophisticated, modern and spirited.

5. London, UK

On the fifth place with 9.8 percent and only 0.2 percent less than New York is the British capital London.

The city has world famous attractions – Big Ben, Buckingham palace, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Canary Warf, Hyde Park, The River Thames, as well as many others.

This unique city is crowded and is home to one of the most successful, most widespread and popular culture in the world – the English culture.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

rio de janeiro brazil
On the sixth place and one position after London is the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

According to 8.2 percent of respondents Rio is the most beautiful city in the world.

It is the most exotic and this is certainly influenced the rankings.

Rio is unique with its blessed beauty and with an amazing location.

Nowhere elsewhere can not be seen as big megalopolis that is so skillfully interwoven with wild tropical nature as that of Rio.

7. Sydney, Australia

sydney opera house and the skyline of the city
On the seventh place, the respondents have put the Australian city of Sydney.

Considered to be  one of the most modern cities in the world, Sydney is able to demonstrate to its guests such masterpieces as the Opera House, representing bulging of the wind sails or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, famous because of its specific structure has earned the nickname “hanger.” 7.9% of the respondents voted for Sydney.

8. Vienna, Austria

vienna austria
In eighth place in the world, the studying puts Vienna, which received a one percent less than Sydney.

For the Austrian capital their voices have gave 6.9 percent of the respondents.

The city is famous for its palaces, museums, parks, gardens, fountains, squares, and the river Danube , which meandering through the city.

Vienna is very fine and subtle.

It radiates serenity, tenderness and harmony.

Maybe the reason to lag behind the other cities in the ranking is that it seems to be too… ideal.

9. Barcelona,  Spain

Casa Mila Outside
On the ninth place of beauty, the respondents put Barcelona.

The second largest and important city in Spain has received 4 percent of the vote.

Barcelona is a world class city.

The architectural wonders of Gaudi are the city’s business card to the world.

10. Vancouver, Canada

vancouver radiates coolness and tranquillity
On tenth last place with 3.4 percent of the respondent’s votes is the largest economic center of the Pacific coast of Canada – Vancouver.

This is a city, which combines nature and architecture in a manner similar to Rio de Janeiro.

Sleek and modern skyscrapers merging with pine forests and snow-covered mountain peaks.

Vancouver is a classic North American city.