What is the Most European City in New Zealand?

dunedin new zealand architecture

Many cities in New Zealand are, at least to some extent, similar to the cities in Europe, and this is quite understandable.

However, let’s not forget that for a long period of time the island country in the South Pacific was a colony of Britain, which has left its cultural footprint in the area.

One of the cities, however, is surprisingly similar to the remote cities in Europe, and this is Dunedin.

Located on the coast of the South Island of New Zealand, Dunedin is without doubt the most European of all the cities in the country and is even known as the “New Zealand’s Edinburgh” because of the striking resemblance to the Scottish capital.

dunedin new zealand architecture

Dunedin is characterized by distinct European architecture, vast green spaces, aristocratic spirit and even, similar to Edinburgh, has a cool and humid oceanic climate.

And if you have the chance to see the botanical garden and the beautiful urban churches, the city hall and the building of the railway station you will literally feel like you are in Scotland.

dunedin new zealand

Nowadays, Dunedin is not only the most European-looking city in New Zealand but in the world (outside Europe) as a whole! There is no other place to reflect in such a large extent the image of Europe.

It is interesting to mention also that the name of Dunedin was not given accidentally. It was chosen by the first European settlers because this is the ancient name of Edinburgh.

The most interesting is that not only Dunedin reminds the city of Edinburgh, but also its surroundings resemble the wild landscape in remote Scotland.

Rolling hills covered with lush vegetation, emerald green grass, winding roads and the same beautiful but somewhat raw and wild ocean coast.