redwood national state park california

What is the Tallest Tree in the World?

In natural environment these trees can be found only in the coastal areas of central and northern California.

Hardly is to find some of them more than 70 kilometres away from the coast of the Pacific.

The Redwood is considered to be the tallest tree that exists on our planet today.

However, the Redwoods are grown in various conditions mostly in urban parks and botanical gardens in different parts of the world.

The Redwood is an evergreen conifer.

It can reaches an average height of around 100-110 meters, but some older specimens can reach to the staggering height of 150 meters!

redwood national state park california

The English name of this tree – “Redwood” – comes from the typical reddish colour of its wood.

Absolutely clear is that to reach such a height the Redwood needs very strong and stable stem, which to withstand the enormous size and weight.

For this reason, these trees have a specific shape.

At their core they are extremely broad, but at the top are quite thin.

The height of the redwoods indicates that they are very long-lived plants.

It’s actually hard to say exactly how much these trees live, but is considered that this species can reach ages of 3 and even 4000 years!

This means that today in America there are many trees older than our entire modern civilization and even most of the religions!

The best place where you can watch and enjoy this miracle of nature in the wild is Redwood National and State Park in California.

It is located in the northern parts of the state.

The wild nature here is usually most beautiful in the summer months and because of this reason this is the best time for tourism in this part of California.