What is the Warmest Mediterranean Country?

Views along the River Nile

What is the warmest Mediterranean country?

The warmest Mediterranean country is Libya, followed by Egypt.

The temperature of 57.8 °C that was measured on September 13, 1922 was the highest ever recorded on the planet.

Even in spring and autumn here are possible values ​​of almost 50°C in the shade!

Views along the River Nile
Views along the River Nile by Michael Gwyther-Jones

Moreover, this is the only part of the Mediterranean coast to has a tropical climate.

This is not surprising because the country is located in the southern-most part of the Mediterranean.

Here is the famous Gulf of Sidra (or Sirte).

The average day-time temperature in January along the coast of the gulf and in the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi is usually about 17 – 20°C.

It can get, however, significantly higher, reaching values to about 22 – 23 and sometimes even 25°C.