cartagena beach

What is the Warmest Place in the Caribbeans in Winter?

Are you looking for a place with year-round warm weather, beautiful nature, lovely beaches, and great opportunities for entertainment?

In brief, the perfect place to spend a long winter holiday.

There is a destination that covers all these criteria.

What about a green coastal city with great beaches and palm trees, where temperatures do not fall below 31°C?

A place with 365 days of lovely summer weather per year.

The destination of your dreams – hot, exciting, full of experiences, colours and emotions.

cartagena beach
Cartagena beach by David Shankbone

We are talking about the city of Cartagena in Colombia – one of the most favourite winter destinations of many Hollywood celebrities.

This beautiful coastal Colombian metropolis with a population of over 1.2 million people offers a feast of colours, emotions, flavors and entertainment options.

Cartagena is a unique combination of old and new, modern architecture and tall skyscrapers combined with old colonial-style buildings, massive stone castles and narrow streets.

If you think that Europe is the place that offers the richest culture in combination with the most exciting architecture and the most charming cities, then you have never been in Cartagena, Colombia.

The warmest city of the Caribbean region is located just a short distance away from a number of beautiful paradise islands, which offer everything you need to feel like in the paradise – sun, tranquility, palm trees, white sand, crystal clear sea water.

Iglesia de San Pedro Claver
Iglesia de San Pedro Claver by Erik Cleves Kristensen

In addition, this is right place to say that the average water temperature in this part of the Caribbean is constantly around 28 – 30°C, so that even the most warm-loving people will be extremely happy with the weather and the water temperature.

The heat at noon is just unbearable, and most people prefer to spend the warmest hours in a shady place with a refreshing drink in hand.

Even if you enjoy the heat, the equatorial weather should not be underestimated, especially in the humid coastal areas of Colombia.

No matter the season, the temperature here is often between 30 and 33°C. However, heats of 38, 39 and even 40°C are possible even in January and February.

If you get tired of sun and endless relaxing on the beach, Cartagena offers a wide range of things to do, including great nightclubs to visit.

The city is a great place to party until dawn under the rhythm of salsa and other Latin American music.

If you prefer quieter entertainments, you can enjoy the great Colombian cuisine in some of the numerous restaurants in the old town.

cartagena sunset beach
Cartagena sunset beach by Luz Adriana Villa

Here we have to say that the food in Cartagena is not just very tasty but also really affordable. You have to know also that it gets dark quite early in Colombia.

Unlike Europe, where summer days are very long, the sun sets at about 6 pm here and for this reason the nightlife starts early.

For those who really enjoy the contact with wild nature, the most attractive option will be probably to look around for a travel agency and to join some exciting trip in the vicinity of Cartagena.

This is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of the unspoiled Latin American equatorial jungle.

If you decide to spend a day on safari in the jungle, however, do not forget to buy some mosquito repellent, because the wet and warm weather creates the perfect conditions for the bloodsucking vermin.

If you are wondering when to travel to Cartagena, we recommend the months of January and February.

These are the driest months of the year and also bring the most pleasant temperatures.

With an average daytime temperature of about 31°C in January, the most colourful Latin American city, Cartagena, is waiting for you.