la gomera nature

What Place is the Best Alternative to California?

Maybe you are looking for your piece of paradise?

A place to buy the home of your dreams and to live your life while enjoying calmness and year-round lovely weather?

This is the American dream.

To find a place that is so calm, quiet and peaceful that you won’t even need to lock your front door when leaving home.

In California there are still places where time seems to have stopped, and beauty has reached its perfection.

The disadvantage is that the cost of life in California is very expensive.

Furthermore, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a reasonable standard here, in the richest state of America.

The likelihood of getting tired of the endless working day and the constant pursuit of a career in the office is great.

What is the point of all this working if you need to spend in the office the day from early morning to late afternoon and from Monday to Friday or even to Saturday and enjoy what you have achieved in the only free day of the week?

La Gomera is probably the perfect place for you

la gomera nature
La Gomera Nature by Franco Vannini

This is a quiet and peaceful island, part from the archipelago of the Canary Islands. It is located not far from the coast of Morocco but is part of Spain and the European Union.

It offers very reasonable and affordable property prices compared to California and no matter what part of the island you are living in, the tranquility is always guaranteed.

Of course, you won’t find fashionable and noisy nightclubs and crowded shopping centers, but you will be able to feel the spirit of Spain and Europe in a very pleasant way.

The most attractive places to live here are Valle Gran Rey and Valle Hermoso.

playa santiago harbour
Playa Santiago harbour by Ian Guy

They remind the provincial beauty of Napa, California.

You can buy a nice house with a large garden and swimming pool.

You will be able to grow vines, citrus trees and tropical flowers, and the pleasure will be much cheaper than in the United States.

La Gomera prices are in euros, but are much lower than those in California. Here you can find a luxurious and beautiful colonial-style villa with pool even for prices of about € 300,000 (sometimes less).

The locals are really friendly, and the island is already home to a number of immigrants, mostly from Northern Europe.

Weather here in no way inferior to any part of California.

For example, in the height of winter, when temperatures in San Diego barely reach to about 17 – 18°C, the thermometer in La Gomera usually shows between 20 and 22°C in the shade.

private villa
Private villa by Sarah Ackerman

Winter nights are cool in San Diego (about 10°C) and pleasantly mild in La Gomera – over 14°C.

In summer is not very different. The cold California Current keeps the temperature along the coast of San Diego around 26°C.

At the same time, in La Gomera is around 29°C on average. Obviously, when it comes to climate, La Gomera is even a bit better than California.

An important advantage here is the low price of ecologically clean and organic foods of very high quality.

la playa valle gran rey
La Playa Valle Gran Rey by Tim Niblett

Local shops offer a variety of local products – palm honey, palm wine, tasty tomatoes, juicy pineapples, oranges, bananas, apples, meat and dairy products and almost everything is produced on the territory of this pure island.

You will have the chance to experience the great taste of the Mediterranean cuisine and will completely forget about the full with dyes, preservatives and other additives foods in beautiful and shiny packages in the supermarket.

Another advantage of La Gomera is that the air here is cleaner than in California. In fact, this is one of the cleanest places in the world, with the lowest levels of dust in the air.

valle gran rey
Valle Gran Rey by Mac.Else von Berlin

In contrast to Los Angeles and San Diego, the island of La Gomera doesn’t have problems with smog or pollution.

Live in La Gomera runs very slowly. If you are looking for a quiet and peace, you will really enjoy the island.

Nobody ever quick, there is no stress, no traffic, and the streets are empty and quiet, especially at noon.

La Gomera usually comes to live in the late afternoon, when locals go out to enjoy their beautiful island.