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Where do you plan to spend your next holiday?

According to a study by Tourist Maker conducted via the Internet among people from different parts of the world, turned out that Europe retains its primacy as a leading tourist destination.

To the question, “Where do you plan to spend your next holiday?”

In view of the fact that the tourist industry primary is coming in Europe and in the 19th century almost every trips on the planet has been realized on the territory of the continent, today’s share of Europe on the world tourist scene is a huge retreat.

But if we have to be completely objective, we must recognize to Europe that in the increasingly fierce competition for tourists, it continue to keep on top and hold the attention of 42.8 percent of planners to take part of the international tourist stream.

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However, the fact that Europe is so attractive to the international tourist scene is no surprise to anyone.

Curiosity arouse rather the second place in the ranking, which is devoted to Australia and Oceania.

14.1% of respondents are willing to visit it during their next vacation, which puts the region at a higher level as regard to the attractiveness, in comparison with North America.

The reasons can be found mostly in the falling prices of airline tickets, which makes transportation to Australia and Oceania more accessible for many people, and this is extremely important because this part of the world is very distant from the biggest sending tourist centers.

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On the other hand in the recent years, the countries of this part of the world have a very strong advertising in all around the world.

Typical example is the global reputation of New Zealand as “the most beautiful country in the world”, because of its natural attractions.

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As a country with the best beaches, most modern cities and at the same time as a wild, exciting and unbounded is determined Australia.

And what can we say about the gorgeous coral and volcanic islands in the Pacific? They are dream for millions of tourists from all parts of the world.

Their nature is relatively more preserved in comparison with the otherwise also very beautiful Caribbean islands.

On the third place in a view of attractiveness as a tourist destination, remains North America.

United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean have took a step back, giving priority with 1.6 percent to Australia and Oceania, and attracting the attention of 12.5 percent of the respondents.

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This fact does not mean that this part of the world is not attractive – quite the contrary.

Rather shows that it is sufficiently popular with the tourists and they are looking for something new and unknown.

Due to the serious development of tourist industry in North America is expecting the number of visitors to increase every year and the revenue from tourism to occupy an increasing share of the economy.

After North America, with 11.2% is Africa.

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This is a pretty high percentage, especially in view of the fact that the quality of infrastructure in this part of the world is not always very high.

Here, however, predominate the natural beauties, which are really impressive.

Moreover, everybody is excited by the possibility for a safari in Africa, for example.

The fact is that Africa has not such a big advertising campaign in the world, but still managed to take a decent place as a tourist destination, despite the economic difficulties it faces.

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Clear favourites here are Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, but in the last few years and many other.

Asia is presented relatively weakly in this ranking and this is confusing.

The continent with the largest territory and population has received the support of 9.6 percent of the responders.

This percentage is low, especially given that here are some of the countries with the richest culture on the planet such as Japan, China, India for example.

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Here you can find also some of the most modern cities such as Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei and Tokyo as well as some of the most beautiful beaches that the nature has created on the territory of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia or Maldives.

Next to the last on the six spot in the ranking is South America.

To the question “Where do you plan to spend your next holiday?” only 6.9 percent have responded „South America”.

This is mainly because of the poor popularity of this continent.

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Many people still are not familiar with its incredible natural beauty, magnificent cities and warm southern atmosphere.

Rio de Janeiro traditionally enjoys to  more significant popularity, but this is not the only place that worth to seeing.

One very important factor, which the countries of this part of the world must change to enjoy a deserved interest from the tourists is the high level of the crime.

There are still many countries in South America, which are relatively dangerous and there are many places that it is advisable to be avoided.

But South America is much more preferable in comparison with the small countries of the Central American region.

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It occupies the unenviable last place in the ranking of the respondents with only 2.9 percent of the votes.

The small countries in this part of the world are unknown and some of them scare the tourists because of their precarious economic and political situation.

The lack of security can not be compensated even by the amazing nature with which these countries can boast.

The majority of respondents, who support the Central America would most likely plan to visit Costa Rica, which is an oasis of security and prosperity in this part of the world.

And now again the votes in brief – on the question “Where do you plan to spend your next holiday?”the respondents are replied as follows: Europe 42.8%, Australia and Oceania14.1%, North America 12.5%, Africa 11.2% , 9.6% Asia, 6.9% South America and Central America – 2.9%.