kakadu national park near darwin australia

Which is the Warmest City in Australia?

Australia is one of the hottest countries in the world.

It has a large number of sunny and warm days in the year, and although it is situated far away from the regions, forming the main tourist streams, it is a favorite resting place for many people from all over the world.

It gets into the borders of four climatic zones – subequatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate.

The last will only find on the island of Tasmania.

kakadu national park near darwin australia

As the country is located in the southern hemisphere, the climate is warmer in the northern parts of the country-continent.

The hottest in Australia is undoubtedly the State of Northern Territory.

It is located closer to the equator in comparison with the biggest part of the other Australian states.

The other place of the continent, which has very hot climate all year around is the northern-most part of Cape York Peninsula, but there is no big cities and the area is rare populated.

Because of this reason, here on the shore of the Arafura Sea you can find the warmest city in Australia – Darwin.

It is located at approximately 1350 kilometers of the equator.

The climate here is hot, subequatorial.

The summer lasts all year round.

The temperatures are constant.

Throughout the year ranged from 31 to 33°C.

There are two seasons – dry and rainy.

salt water crocodile darwin australia

The rainy season lasts from November to April.

January is the rainiest month of the year and then fall between 400 and 500 millimeters of rain.

In this part of the year unless heavy rains are frequent also the powerful hurricanes, which sometimes overtake the city of Darwin.

For example, in 1974th just at Christmas, the city was almost completely destroyed by the hurricane Tracy.

During the dry season the rainfall is very scarce.

In June, July and August, when the winter in the southern hemisphere is at its height, the 31 degree heat is usually accompanied by total drought.

arafura sea darwin australia

Sometimes during these months do not fall even one drop of rain.

The vegetation is varied and typical for the local climatic conditions.

Darwin is surrounded by dense rain forests and wetlands, but also with open grassy areas of type “savanna”.

With the removing of the sea the vegetation progressively reduced and the dry lover trees and shrubs already predominate over the dense vegetation that you can see on the coast.

In the area has a great animal diversity.

Near the town is located the Kakadu National Park.

From the local animal species maybe the saltwater crocodiles is the most impressive.

It is considered to be the most aggressive and dangerous crocodile in the world.