Which is the Warmest Place in Russia?

Sochi Russia Black Sea at sunset

It is generally acknowledged to believe that Russia is a huge country with a very cold climate.

However, if this is true or not? Not quite.

This is really the biggest country on the planet, but it is not as cold as you think.

The warmest city in Russia you can find on the northeastern coast of Black Sea.

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This is Sochi.

In contrary of the expectations, Sochi has a mild subtropical – Mediterranean climate, which remains to the climate on the Adriatic coast of Croatia as well as the climate of Cote d’Azur in France.

Sochi Russia Black Sea at sunset

Let us begin with the fact that four months of the year the weather is just a hot. June, July, August and September are typical Mediterranean summer.

Plenty of sunshine, tourists, greenness and outdoor activities.

Even at the night the temperatures are not lower than 17-20°C.

The daytime temperatures in this part of the year vary between 24 and 28°C.

These, of course, are averages and quite often the heat can become unbearable.

Sometimes the temperatures can reach even 40°C.

October and November are autumn months.

At that what autumn – mostly sunny and warm, with daily temperatures about 20°C in October and 15 – 16 in November.

These are autumn temperatures, which can be envied by the most of Europe.

In comparison in Vienna, Austria the average daily temperatures in October does not exceed 15°C and 7°C in November.

The winter is very mild and warm.

December, January and February are typical winter months.

Even in this part of the year the temperatures rarely fall below freezing.

The average daily temperatures run about 10 – 11°C.

The night temperatures usually drop to 3°C.

The precipitations are mainly of rain, but sometimes of snow.

The snow usually melts quickly.

March, April and May are typical spring months.

The days are getting warmer and longer.

The temperatures are gradually rising.

The precipitation decrease, with the exception of April, which is slightly moist.

The spring begins with 13°C average daily temperature in March and ending with 21°C in May.

Because of the fact that Black Sea waters are still cold, the early spring does not differ much of the winter months, but this is rapidly changing.

Sometimes there is very hot days even in May, despite this is rather an exception than a rule.

In principle, Sochi is situated in 43° north latitude and this mean that it gets into the temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

However, there are some geographic features to which it due its mild climate.

Sochi is wide open to the Black Sea and Asia Minor in south, but in the north is protected by the western-most spurs of the Caucasus mountains.

This spurs protect the city from the arctic air masses which sometimes involve to these latitudes during the winter months.

The mountain range play the role of climate barrier, because do not allow to the cold air masses to pass through it.

Sochi is protected from the winter cold in the same way as Nice is protected by the Alps and the french Central Massif.

Because of its warm climate Sochi is one of the best seaside resorts and is one of the places with the longest summer season on the Black Sea coast.

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