Best Travel Tips to Botswana in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

amazing sunset over botswana

Botswana is situated in the Southern Hemisphere, in the south part of the continent of Africa. It borders on SAR (in south), Namibia (west and north), Zimbabwe (east) and also it has insignificant border with Zambia (in north). The country has population of around 1 600 000 people. The population of the capital Gaborone is almost 200 000 people. Botswana occupies an area of around 581 730 The official languages are English and Tswana. The country has not outlet on the Ocean and this exerts great influence on the local economy.

amazing sunset over botswanaThe country has table – land relief. The altitude is significant, but there aren’t mountain ranges. Great part of the territory of Botswana is occupied by the most beautiful desert on the planet – Kalahari.

Botswana has incredible beautiful nature, similar to the biggest part of the African countries. The animal world is various and the local species play the leading role in hundreds documentary films.

On the territory of Botswana you can find lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals, vultures, wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, elephants, rhinoceroses, Meerkats, scorpions, different types of snakes, crocodiles and so on.

the delta of ocavangoMany animal species are protected in the National Parks and preserve territories of Botswana. Some of the more famous National Parks are Kgalagadi, Chobe National Park, Moremi National Park (situated among the delta of Okavango), Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, the park Nxai Pan and so on.

The Transfrontier National Park Kgalagadi is situated on the border between Botswana and SAR. The biggest part of the park is on the territory of Botswana.

This park consists of two parts – on the territory of Botswana it brings the name Gemsbok and on the territory of SAR is Kalahari National Park.

hippos in okavango riverThe biggest landmark of the country is the delta of Okavango River. In its upper stream, the river brings the name Cubango, but in the down stream, near by the incredible delta, the river changes its name.

This is the biggest river in the world that never reaches the sea, ocean or some other water basin. Reaching the fiery sands of Kalahari Desert, the river is divided into branches and gradually absorbed into the ground.

But the river has not reached these lands for nothing. The enormous marshy delta is home to countless animal species.

Moreover, Okavango is source of life to the local tribes. The river gives them water for irrigation and drinking. The river is also used by the natives for fishing.

chitaThe climate of the country is tropical, dry with insignificant precipitation – not more than 50mm per year. As comparison, similar precipitations fall in the dry and hot regions of South Europe not for year but for a month.

Because of the low humidity of the air the difference between night and daily temperatures is a huge. The summer temperatures are unbearable. The daily temperatures are rare lower than 40 °C.

The hottest month is January. In the winter is hot too. The temperatures vary between 25 and 30 °C. The coldest month is July. But the nights are very cold all year around. The temperatures can drop to 0 °C.

lion in botswanaThe rain is more possible during the summer season. The winter months, between June and September are especially dry. The summer precipitations are rare but sudden and heavy.

Usually, for a short term falls large quantity. Suddenly, the desert can be covered with flowers that eagerly absorb every drop of water. For a short period of time, the plants mature and scatter their seeds around.

The new generation of seeds, wait for such favourable period to give them a chance for reproducing. Because of the dry climate, the water resources are limited. The biggest parts of the rivers are seasonable and you can find them only in the rainy season.

Despite Botswana is not part of the developed countries (still), it has great opportunities. The economy of Botswana is the fastest growing in the world. Official currency is Pula.

Despite that significant part of the population of the country is go without food, nevertheless Botswana has promising future.

elephant in botswanaIt is one of the biggest producers of diamonds in the world. Except to the diamonds, the country relies on revenue from tourism. It is very important source of income to the country.

The biggest landmark of the country is Okavango. To the citizens of US and EU, the safari is incredible experience. This is the right way to the citizens of urban areas to escape of the stress and engagement of the modern civilization.

Botswana has comparatively poorly developed infrastructure, especially in the central parts that are occupied by the desert of Kalahari.

Still are missing bigger motorways, but because of the fast growing economy, this soon will be changed. The railway system is insignificant.

The railway transport is developed only in the southeast part of the country. The railway line connect the capital Gaborone with the cities of Mochudi, Mahalapye, Palapye, Francistown and so on.

The railway line come into the territory of Botswana from SAR and go out of the country not far from Francistawn. When the railway line cross the border it continue on the territory of Zimbabwe.

rino near by okavangoThe country is not densely populated, especially in comparison with the large territory. For example Great Britain has 2 ½ times smaller territory in comparison with Botswana, but the population of the British capital London is 10 times bigger then the population of all Botswana.

The main part of the population of Botswana is concentrated in the south-east part of the country. In this area is situated also the capital Gaborone. Its population is almost 210 000 people.

buffaloThe vision of Gaborone is similar to the other western modern cities of the 21-st century. The infrastructure of the city is very good.

Here you can find a lot of modern buildings as well as lovely living areas with beautiful houses. This makes the city to look very pleasant and friendly. Here you can find everything that you can expect in such developed and modern city – shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, hospitals and so on.

The other big cities in the country are Molepolole, Mochudi, Lobatse, Kanye, Palapye, Serowe, Selebi Phikwe, Francistown and Maun.