Best Travel Tips to Angra dos Reis, Brazil (For Your First Trip)

coast and jungle angra dos reis

Angra dos Reis is an exotic resort in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.

It is located at about a hundred kilometers west of Rio in an area known for its amazing scenery.

Angra has a population of about 120,000 inhabitants.

It is situated on the Atlantic coast, inside the beautiful bay called Bahia da Ilha Grande.

One of the most specific features of the area is that as a result of the local relief Angra dos Reis is composite of different parts.

Best Time to Visit Angra dos Reis

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Only in July and August is significantly lower, which makes the weather much more enjoyable.

Winter months are the best time for tourism in Angra dos Reis.

For visitors coming from Europe, USA and Canada, the weather in Angra during the southern summers can be too hot and humid.

What to Wear in Angra dos Reis?

With no matter in what time of the year you have decided to travel to Angra bring your lightest clothes.

Remember that high humidity makes the impression of higher temperatures.


coast and jungle angra dos reis
Weather in Angra is warm and humid throughout the year.

Temperatures range from 23 – 24°C in June and July, when are the coldest days in the year to around 29 – 30°C in January and February, when is the maximum of the temperatures.

Night temperatures throughout the year are higher than 18°C.

Precipitation usually increases in summer and decreases in winter.

Rainfall varies between 40 mm in July and 150 mm in January.

Humidity is high throughout most of the year.

Best Things to Do in Angra dos Reis

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The city looks fragmented and scattered, located at numerous coves and miniature peninsulas.

The area is hilly and the slopes of the hills are covered with very dense tropical vegetation.

A typical feature of the local nature is that here rainforest reaches just to the ocean shores.

The bay itself is divided into many smaller coves.

Among its water there are many beautiful and exotic small islands which are also covered with dense tropical vegetation.

The town was founded in 1502 (the same year in which Portuguese explorers reached the bay, where today is situated Rio de Janeiro).

The name “Angra dos Reis” means “Bay of Kings”.

This peculiarity is associated with the day in which this place was founded.

Today this “Royal Bay” is extremely attractive for those who want to buy or rent a private island.

The reason is that the local real estate market offers for sale some of the islands in Bahia da Ilha Grande.

Angra dos Reis is a favourite place for rest and solitude of the well-off inhabitants of the two metropolises Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Not one or two rich men from both cities have a huge luxury villas on the shore of the ocean, at this detached and calm place.

Local beaches are magnificent.

They are small, covered with bright and very fine sand and never crowded with visitors.

While lounging at one of them you can only enjoy the song of birds and the sounds coming from the jungle.

White large yachts swaying lazily amidst the waters of the bay suggest that the visitors who come here are high standing people.


Like most cities in Brazil, Angra dos Reis also has its poor areas.

On the slopes above the town is located one of the typical poor neighbourhoods, which the local citizens call a favela although those which one can find here are nothing compared with the huge favelas on the slopes of Rio de Janeiro.

Here, the rich people usually live or stay in the surrounding islands or at luxury villas in some of the small bays around the city.