Best Travel Tips to Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro (For Your First Trip)

copacabana rio de janeiro

The legendary Copacabana beach is the biggest attraction of the colorful Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro. The fabulous beach with excellent golden sand stretches for 4 kilometers along the coast of the eponymous luxury neighborhood. Numerous coconut palms give a sense of unparalleled exotic, and the well-maintained seafront boulevard Avenida Atlantica divides the beach from the tall buildings on the other side of the road. It houses some of the finest and most reputed hotels in the city, expensive ocean view apartments, attractive office spaces and a huge variety of excellent restaurants for every taste.

copacabana rio de janeiroThe walkway of Copacabana was completed in 1970. It is well known for its wavy black and white Portuguese pavement, which can not remain unnoticed.

There are always huge crowds of people of all races, religions and nationalities. The beach and the promenade attract visitors with the first rays of the morning sun.

Next to the golden sand you will find many charming and unpretentious beach bars where you can drink something cool and refreshing after the beach or during a walk.

If you want to see the real dynamic and colourful Copacabana, you must visit it during the five-day annual samba carnival.

This is the place where each year is chosen the queen of the carnival, which is the peak moment of the spectacular event that attracts more than 2 million tourists!

copacabana beach rio de janeiroCopacabana beach attracts lovers of sun, water and lovely weather 12 months a year, from January to December.

The weather is always great for the beach, with daytime temperatures between 23 – 25°C in July, the coldest month, and about 30°C in the height of summer in February.

Because of the warm Brazil Current, which brings warm water from the equatorial regions of the planet, the seawater along the coast of Copacabana is always pleasant with temperatures around 22°C in winter and around 26°C in summer.

If you are planning to swim, however, it is better to be careful. Large waves and dangerous currents are not uncommon.

The neighborhood of Copacabana is a true city within the boundaries of Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by high hills covered by lush greenery, it has a population of about 160 000 people, and the locals have a good standard of living. Copacabana ranks among the ten richest residential areas in Rio de Janeiro.

However, you should be very careful while walking on the streets, because even here, in such a developed tourist area, the street crime level is too high.

copacabana rioAlong the coast of Copacabana there are numerous opportunities for accommodation. Probably highest are the prices of hotels and private apartments during the Samba Carnaval and during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

If you have already decided to rent an apartment near the coast outside the most hectic periods of the year, you will have a great luck if you find something attractive for less than 1000 Euro per month.