The Wonderful Rocks, Bulgaria

wonderful rocks bulgaria

“The Wonderful Rocks” (in Bulgarian “Chudnite skali”) is located on the lake Tsonevo in the eastern parts of the Balkan Mountains, about 55 km southwest of Varna. They are located near the small villages Struya and Dobromir, and about 2 kilometers from the larger village of Asparuhovo. “The Wonderful Rocks” is conical rock formation with a height of 50 meters, rising vertically over the dam. Due to its proximity to Varna, “The Wonderful Rocks” enjoys a great interest of Varna’s citizens, who come to this place not only because of the rocks, but also because Tsonevo dam is very rich in fish.

wonderful rocks bulgariaThis place is extremely quiet and ideal for short weekend getaways.

In the vicinity, however, you have to be cautious. During the summer months there are a lot of snakes, which like to roast under the scorching sun.

There are also many frogs, lizards, birds, insects and small mammals. Gradually tourism industry covers this place.

Initially, this area has been used just as a campsite, but today hotels and restaurants gradually grow up in the vicinity, making the area more attractive to different kinds of tourists.

To preserve, however, the locality its marvelous charm, it must be protected from mass tourism, which commercializes everything in its path.

“The Wonderful Rocks” was declared a natural landmark in 1949. Under the rocks there is a series of tunnels that enable reaching with a car near the bank of lake Tsonevo itself.

And another thing – if you’re into rock climbing, this charming area offers excellent opportunities to practice your favorite sport.