Best Travel Tips to Ahtopol (Bulgaria)

ahtopol light house

Founded as a Greek seaside trade center in the 5th century BC, today Ahtopol is a rapidly developing town that increasingly relies on the fast growing tourism industry. It is located 87 km southeast of Bourgas, in the municipality Tsarevo, between Varvara and Sinemorets. According to data from the 2011 census, it has a population of 1288 people. Being a calm and quiet town during the dark and cold winter months, in summers Ahtopol changes its image beyond recognition. When the thermometer approaches 30°C, the streets of the town become vibrant and dynamic, filled with Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

ahtopol light houseFor a while in the height of summer you can hear music from all the local restaurants, and on the beach free space is difficult to find.

However, Ahtopol remains much more quiet in comparison with the main tourist centers Varna, Bourgas, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Ahtopol is a very nice and charming place. Part of the town is situated on a small peninsula, which ends with a group of rocks into the sea with a white lighthouse being built on one of them.

The peninsula forms to the south a well-shaped bay with calm waters, on whose beach there is a number of boats of local fishermen.

North of the town is the largest and most beautiful beach in the area, which is a major goal for many tourists coming to spend their holidays here.

In the vicinity of Ahtopol there are wonderful places to walk, especially in the close Strandja Mountain, whose fresh and shady mountain trails will offer you the chance to escape the summer heat.

Among the biggest attractions are the old town of Ahtopol, the church “Ascension” from the 18th century and the remains of the fortress Agatopol.

The ruins of the monastery “St. Yani”, which was destroyed by vandals during the communist regime, are a sad sight.

Though located in the southernmost parts of Bulgaria, the tourist season in Ahtopol is still relatively short compared to cities such as Varna and Bourgas.

Here the real crowded tourist season begins at the end of June or early July and starts to fade in the last days of August, when the weather is still very sunny and hot, and the sea water is warm as a cup of tea.