Best Travel Tips to Kamchia [Bulgaria]

boats kamchia river

If you are looking for a secluded place for summer holidays in Bulgaria, then you should know that Kamchia is one of the most obscure and unknown places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This is quite surprising since the resort is located less than 30 kilometers from one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria – Varna. It is located in the northern part of the beautiful river valley of the eponymous river Kamchia. Here, along the river valley has formed a unique microclimate for Bulgaria, which favors the flourishing of the dense longose forests.

boats kamchia riverThese longose forests are home to an incredible variety of birds, amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and some predators such as foxes.

Typical for the forest is that it is seasonally flooded by the river flux and this has led to strong growth of vegetation, which in places is almost impenetrable. Around the river bed grow mainly willows, birches and poplars, as these trees need abundant moisture.

With distance from the river, however, hydrophilic vegetation gives way to oak and pine forests. The lush nature of the river valley was the main reason for the establishment of the resort.

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There are few places that offer a combination of river, sea and thick forest in one place and Kamchia is one of them.

the mouth of river kamchiaFurthermore here you will find a lot of peace. The silence is usually broken only by groups of children who come here every year from Russia and spend together their summer vacations in Bulgaria.

Kamchia is appropriate resting place for seekers of natural beauty, peace and quiet, but those who hope to indulge in violent entertainment until dawn can remain a little disappointed.

There are relatively few restaurants, and those that remain open until late at night are much less. In addition, the resort is a wild and unassuming, so if you are from the people for whom luxury is very important, it is advisable for you to choose another destination.

Here the main part of tourists stay in bungalows, which are small wooden cottages amidst the coastal forest.

longose forest kamchiaHotels in the resort are just a few and most of them are not very large. They are usually located in the pine or oak forest. The coastline is not yet overbuilt.

Actually this is one of the few places in Bulgaria that can still boast with so well preserved nature, especially near the coast.

A distinctive feature of Kamchia is the beautiful beach, which is considered to be the best in Bulgaria.

The beach of Kamchia is about 2.5 kilometers long and to the south of the river mouth the beach continues for about 10 kilometers, but already in the confines of other resorts and towns. The sand is very light and fine, and the width of the beach in places is over 100 meters.

Because of the lack of large hotels in the area, the beach looks almost deserted even at the height of summer. The cliffs that rise north of Kamchia give the place an exotic Mediterranean look.

forest beach river kamchiaUsually people prefer to bathe into the sea in the northern part of the resort, as they are far from the river mouth.

It is well known fact that bathing in the area where the river flows into the sea can be dangerous, as the flowing river sometimes carves underwater holes or forms dangerous whirlpools.

One of the biggest advantages of Kamchia is that local climate is very pleasant and easily bearable. Many people choose the Bulgarian forests to escape the summer heat, but here the combination of refreshing sea waters and thick forest makes the summer heat almost unnoticeable.

Kamchia’s lush vegetation retains moisture and coolness even when the thermometers climb over 30°C.

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