Best Travel Tips to Kamen Bryag [Bulgaria]

kamen bryag bulgaria

Kamen Bryag (in English “Stony Coast”) is a small village with a population of 69 people. It is located in northeastern Bulgaria, about 8 kilometers southeast of Shabla. It is located at about 40 meters above sea level, on the Northern Black Sea coast, about 200 meters from the beach. In administrative terms, Kamen Bryag belongs to the municipality of Kavarna. Each year this place attracts thousands of visitors with its spectacular scenery.

kamen bryag bulgariaArtists, painters, sculptors, musicians, lovers of extreme sports and regular tourists who just want to glimpse the impressive beach flock here, especially during the summer season.

Kamen Bryag is a unique place, where reddish – orange cliffs descend steeply to the sea from a height of around 20-30 meters. The area Kamen Bryag is flat, and the vegetation is mostly herbaceous.

This place is very picturesque and because of its natural beauty, every year thousands of people gather here to welcome together the sunrise on July 1st or as they call it here – “July morning”.

The rock concert series in Kamen Bryag begins every year on the 1st of July. It continues for several days. Rock stars from Bulgaria, Europe and worldwide take part in these performances under the open sky.

Traditionally, the British rock group Uriah Heep held their concerts here every year on this day, performing their iconic song “July morning”. Out of season, this place is pretty raw and unpopulated.

It is usually windy and cold, but the summers are very hot and dry. Because of the constant winds throughout the year, this area offers excellent conditions for the extraction of clean electricity from wind, and therefore there are already installed many wind turbines.

In addition to its amazing rock concerts and the meeting of July morning, Kamen Bryag is also known for its archaeological reserve “Yailata”. This is an ancient city complex, which consists of over 100 rock dwellings.

The site is located approximately one kilometer south of the village of Kamen Bryag. These Stone Age homes are carved into the cliffs themselves on the slope and resemble caves.

“Yailata” dates back to the fifth millennium BC and is of great interest to archaeologists from all over the world. “Yailata” was declared a reserve in 1989th.