Best Travel Tips to Rezovo (Bulgaria)

rezovo bulgaria border with turkey

Rezovo is a resort village in Southeastern Bulgaria, located in the southern-most part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is situated next to the southern border of Bulgaria, and only the small and narrow river bed of the Rezovska River separates the village from neighboring Turkey. Rezovo falls in the area of Bourgas, in the municipality of Tsarevo. According to “Civil Registration and Administrative Services”, in 2013 the village has a population of just about 73 people.

rezovo bulgaria border with turkeyIt is a well-known fact that before the fall of communism, due to the specific location of the village, the access of Bulgarian nationals here was strictly controlled.

The reason was that they could use the proximity to Turkey and to escape from the regime in Bulgaria.

However, after 1989 the situation has changed, and today no one stops enthusiastic local tourists who want to enjoy their holiday in the exotic and beautiful region near the border.

Although the weather in Rezovo and the sea water along the coast are traditionally warmer than the rest part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the active tourist season here is much shorter.

The reason is the relative lack of entertainments for tourists. In fact, what attracts visitors in Rezovo is the combination of sun, sea and small but beautiful beach with light and gentle sand.

The biggest local attractions are the reserve of Silistar, the churches St. John the Baptist and St. Constantine and Helena as well as Cape Kastrich, which is famous for the ruins of an ancient fortress.

An interesting peculiarity is that the village has several times changed its location because of the raids of Caucasian pirates.

However, what is a disadvantage for some people is an advantage for others. The local environment is well preserved, the air is very clean, there are no large hotels or overbuilding, and the number of visitors is small enough not to violate the biological balance in the region.