Cape Kastrich, Bulgaria

cape kastrich bulgaria

Kastrich cape is a small rocky peninsula located in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is one of the landmarks in the area of the small resort village of Rezovo. It is famous for the ruins of an ancient fortress with a rectangular shape 20-by-30 meters. However, the time is mercilessly wipe out almost all traces of the fortress, and today you will find only a few stones that reminiscent of old forgotten times.

cape kastrich bulgaria
Cape Kastrich, Bulgaria by Petyo Ivanov

Scientists say that probably the remains are part of a famous fortress called Castrition.

This place is pretty wild. Nearby there are no major settlements, so wildlife flourishes here. It is not uncommon to see representatives of the so-called monk seal, which fish undisturbed by human presence in the clean coastal waters in the area. Sometimes you can notice also a pod of dolphins chasing schools of fish close to the shore.