Rusalka Holiday Village (Bulgaria)

The beach in Rusalka

Rusalka Holiday Village (“rusalka” is the Bulgarian word for „mermaid”) is a small resort, located about 60 km northeast of Varna and few minutes drive north of the cape Kaliakra. It is located on the Black Sea coast, and is considered one of the most northern and isolated resting places in the country. Rusalka offers tranquil and idyllic atmosphere, without huge crowds of visitors and countless noisy restaurants and bars. Rusalka is not a city or village.

The beach in Rusalka
The beach in Rusalka by Vladislav Bezrukov

The resort is located in the municipality of Kavarna and the nearest settlement is the village of Saint Nicholas. It has a population of just over 200 people and lies about 2.5 kilometers from the resort.

Rusalka has a beautiful and quiet coast line, which offers enough space for swimmers and sunbathers even at the height of summer tourist season.

The beaches in Rusalka are significantly smaller in comparison with the beaches along the coast of the so-called Black Sea Riviera, which stretches from Kamchia to Albena, or especially in comparison with the southern Black Sea coast.

Coastal cliffs form small and charming coves, creating a typical Mediterranean landscape. Rusalka’s beaches are covered with beige sand, mixed with small pebbles. The beaches and the sea in the holiday village are cleaner in comparison with the larger Bulgarian resorts.

Rusalka is well-arranged and offers good opportunities to spend long hours under the open sky. Unlike most resting places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in Rusalka there are no large hotel complexes and overdevelopment.

Tourists usually stay in lovely bungalows just a few steps from the beach. Major landmarks in the area are the cape Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag and Yailata.