Best Travel Tips to Sinemorets (Bulgaria)

sinemorets rocks and birds

In the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, not far from the Turkish border, lies the resort village of Sinemorets. It is situated on a small peninsula, approximately 85 km south of Bourgas. It is within the boundaries of the province of Bourgas and within the municipality of Tsarevo. Sinemorets is an attractive vacation spot mainly for people who want to have a closer contact with nature and want in the same time to avoid the crowded with tourists resorts to the north. Like in any other Bulgarian village, the people here know each other, and they will recognize unmistakably who is a tourist and who is not.

sinemorets rocks and birdsAccording to “Civil Registration and Administrative Services”, in 2013 the village has a population of about 402 people.

Larger hotels near Sinemorets are rare, although you will find some in the area “Polianite”, just southeast of the village.

However, nowadays many tourists still traditionally prefer to stay mainly in private homes.

We have to note that the possibilities for this are many and fit any budget. If you are looking for an exciting nightlife location and numerous entertainment options is good to know that probably Sinemorets is not the perfect place for you.

To the north and to the south of Sinemorets you will find some wonderful golden beaches, which are too attractive with their transparent waters and emerald hues.

Through the beach that is located north of the village passes the deep and calm Veleka River. Before flowing into the Black Sea, it makes a large curve near the beach and forms a picturesque lagoon.

The beach is known as the “Spit”, because it is surrounded by water on three sides. The beaches south of Sinemorets are also beautiful and attract many visitors during the summer months.

Another advantage of the village is the lovely dense forest, which grows in the basin of Veleka River and surrounds the village to the south and west.

This is an attractive breed place for a wide variety of waterfowl, and it offers simply wonderful conditions for this purpose.

The biggest attractions in Sinemorets and its surroundings are the protected area of Silistar, which is located south of the resort village, and the “ships” – strange looking rocks protruding from the sea near the northern coast of the resort, which resemble shipwrecked vessels.

What you should not miss to do while you’re here is to take a boat trip along the river Veleka.