Best Travel Tips to Varvara (Bulgaria)

varvara bulgaria

The small resort village of Varvara has a population of less than 300 people. It is situated between Ahtopol and Tsarevo on the southern Black Sea coast, and nearby is a small but very beautiful beach. Albeit with a length of less than 150 meters, this is one of the most attractive beaches on the Bulgarian coast. The water here is very clean and transparent, and to a large extent this is due to the small pebbles and coarse sand that cover the bottom. The area is famous for its rich marine life and good diving opportunities.

varvara bulgaria
Varvara, Bulgaria by Todor Petkov

This place is away from any noise and bustle, and in the recent years it has became a beloved tourist destination, especially for well-off and famous tourists mainly from Bulgaria.

The reason is that more and more people prefer to spend their holidays in more isolated and quiet areas without many tourists and chaos around. In this respect Varvara has no competition.

Spending your holiday here, you will have the chance to touch the lives of local residents and to feel the spirit of Varvara.

The lack of very large hotels will make you feel like a special guest and not just as a tourist.

However, if you are looking for fun, the opportunities here are relatively limited compared to some larger resorts such as Golden Sands or Sunny Beach.

On the other side, if you appreciate beautiful natural sceneries you will be definitely impressed by what Varvara offers.

Here you can always make a nice walk along the cluttered with fishing boats small beach south of the village or why not to take a hike in Strandja Mountain, whose forested slopes reach almost to the coast itself.