Asparuhovo, Varna

asparuhovo varna

Asparuhovo is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Varna. It is located in the southern part of the city and has a population of 27,252 people. Asparuhovo and the smaller close-situated neighbourhood of Galata are the only neighbourhoods of Varna which are located south of the two channels, which connect the Black Sea with the Varna Lake. Asparuhovo is connected with the rest of Varna through the bridge of Asparuhovo. With a length of 2050 meters and a height of 50 meters, it is one of the largest bridges in the Balkans.

asparuhovo varnaBecause of the geography of Asparuhovo, the bridge plays the role of an incredibly important transport link with the rest of the city.

Asparuhovo is one of the most low-lying parts of Varna. Near the park and near the canal practically the neighborhood rises just about a meter above sea level.

asparuhovo neighbourhoodHowever, to the south is situated the plateau of Avren and therefore the altitude of the neighborhood increases sharply.

The streets are getting steeper and steeper, and the residential blocks and houses situated on the slopes offer a beautiful panoramic view of Varna.

Asparuhovo is a very attractive place to invest in a real estate because the property prices in this neighborhood are some of the lowest in Varna, no matter if you are searching for a houses or an apartment.

park of asparuhovoAnother advantage is that the neighbourhood offers almost all the necessary facilities so that practically you don’t need to travel constantly to the city center.

There are market, shopping center, several primary and secondary schools, hospital, numerous restaurants, banks and shops.

Asparuhovo is one of the few neighborhoods in Varna that are located on the beach. The neighborhood boasts one of the largest beaches in the city. The sand is bright, and the coast offers a beautiful view toward the rest of Varna.

asparuhovo from aboveThe only thing that separates the residential buildings of Asparuhovo from the beautiful sandy beach is the vast park of Asparuhovo. It is the second largest urban park in Varna after the Sea Garden. The park is planted with various types of deciduous trees.

Pleasant promenade with numerous benches runs along the canal. This is a favourite place for local residents to enjoy a pleasant afternoon walk.

Under the shadow of the large trees has a number of small cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the fresh breeze and sea air.