Galata, Varna

cape galata

Galata is a district of Varna. It one of two districts located in the southern part of the city (the other one is Asparuhovo). With only 2030 inhabitants, it is the least populated quarter in Varna. It is famous for its specific geographical location. The neighbourhood is situated close to the Galata Cape and is one of the highest lying areas in Varna. Although it is next to the beach, some parts of Galata are situated at an altitude of over 160 meters!

cape galataUnlike most districts of Varna, Galata is built up almost entirely of houses, most of which have relatively large yards. The properties in Galata are quite attractive to foreign buyers because of the breathtaking view, which reveals toward the city.

Another reason for the great interest in Galata are the rapidly rising prices in the area. Some of the smaller houses are offered at prices of about € 70-80,000, while the larger and more luxury properties may exceed €200,000.

Apartments in the area of Galata are a great rarity, but their prices vary widely with the lowest starting from about €30-35,000 for a small apartment and reaching up to about €70,000 or even more for large and luxury apartments.

Galata has two beaches.

However, they are less easily accessible compared to the beaches in the rest of the city. The first one is situated on the north side of the district and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the bay.

This beach is relatively small and narrow and is situated under the steep, almost vertical coastal slopes. The beach is wild, with relatively shallow sea waters and underwater pieces of rocks.

This place is generally known only to locals and doesn’t enjoy a great popularity among newcomers, although the nice panorama.

The other beach is located in the eastern part of Galata, outside the bay of Varna. It is very attractive and spacious, with a nice stripe of fine golden sands. It can be reached by a long shaded path and stairs that descends through the dense vegetation of tall trees.

The beginning of the trail is just over 100 meters above sea level. Getting to the beach can be a bit tiring but worth it. In warmer years the beach season is between late May and late September, sometimes shorter.

Galata is one of the most remote districts in Varna. For this reason, if you live or stay here, you have to think about the transport options.

The first one is to have your own transport and the second is to use the bus number 17A. Buses run daily in small intervals and are practical for daily usage.

The distance from the center of Galata to the city center (to the Cathedral) is about 10 km and the distance to the resort of St. Constantine and Elena is 19 km. The route passes through the district of Asparuhovo and the bridge of Asparuhovo.