The Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani), Varna

pobiti kamani stone forest varna

The Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani) is an exceptional of its kind phenomenon. The place is known for its fantastic rock formations which resemble pillars. The Stone Forest area is located about 18 km west from the city of Varna, next to the village of Slanchevo, Aksakovo municipality. It is easily accessible from Hemus highway. The Stone Forest is an area, covered with strange-shaped stones whose height reaches 6-7 meters.

pobiti kamani stone forest varnaAlthough it looks like the work of human hands, these stone formations were entirely created by Mother Nature.

The Stone Forest formation has two basic assumptions. The most popular is the so-called “organic theory„ associated with the coral origin of the stones.

The second one is the “inorganic theory”, according which the formation of this phenomenon is due to specific rock weathering.

It is assumed that the rocks were formed approximately 50 million years ago when this part of the world was a sea bottom.

As a result of complex processes of erosion and weathering, some of the stone columns today are completely hollow inside. The Stone Forest has great value as a tourist attraction.

It is one of the leading landmarks of the seaside capital of Bulgaria, and is an obligatory stop on the way of Varna’s visitors. The area was declared a natural landmark in 1937th.

Important: The Stone Forest is situated among sunny and shadeless area. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid the sunniest and hottest hours of the day, especially in June, July and August.

It is important also to know that in summer the Stone Forest is available 7 days a week, and 5 days a week during the winter period.